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Can President Erdogan Protect Traditional Turkish Values Amidst Western Liberal Influences?

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has emerged victorious once again, securing a decisive win over his opponent Kemal Kilicdaroglu. As a staunch advocate of traditional Islamic principles, Erdogan has been vocal in his opposition to the liberal Western ideology, consistently labeling his political rivals, including Kilicdaroglu, as proponents of the LGBT movement. In his recent victory speech, Erdogan reiterated his commitment to protecting Turkish values, rallying his supporters against any infiltration of his ruling party, the AK Party, and its nationalist allies by what he perceives as foreign ideals. This article explores Erdogan's stance on LGBT issues, his victory, and the broader context of the clash between traditional Turkish values and Western liberal influences.

1. Erdogan's Victory and Accusations Against Political Rivals

1.1 Erdogan's Decisive Win Confirmed by Türkiye's Supreme Election Council

Recep Tayyip Erdogan's victory over Kemal Kilicdaroglu was officially confirmed by Türkiye's Supreme Election Council. This decisive win has solidified Erdogan's position as a powerful political figure in Turkey.

1.2 Accusing Kilicdaroglu and His Allies of Being Pro-LGBT

Throughout the election campaign, Erdogan repeatedly accused Kilicdaroglu and his allies of being pro-LGBT, using this as a means to undermine their credibility. He further emphasized these allegations in his victory speech, seeking validation from his supporters by questioning whether the opposition parties, including CHP, HDP, IYI, and other smaller factions, could be labeled as "LGBT."

2. Erdogan's Defense of Traditional Turkish Values

2.1 Erdogan's Rhetorical Question on Infiltration of LGBT Ideology

In his speech, Erdogan posed a rhetorical question to his supporters, asking whether the AK Party, the MHP, and other members of the People's Alliance could be infiltrated by LGBT ideology. By doing so, he aimed to assert the commitment of his ruling coalition and its allies to safeguarding traditional Turkish values.

2.2 Protecting Family Values and Condemning Violence Against Women

Erdogan emphasized the sanctity of family and voiced his opposition to violence against women, affirming its prohibition based on religious grounds. He highlighted that every election is a renewal for his party, further solidifying their dedication to preserving the core tenets of Turkish society.

3. kilicdaroglu's Position and the Istanbul Convention

3.1 kilicdaroglu's Stance on Gay Rights and the Istanbul Convention

While Kilicdaroglu is not known for openly supporting gay rights, he has promised to reinstate the Istanbul Convention if elected. This international treaty, signed by numerous countries, including Turkey, aimed to strengthen legal measures against violence targeting women.

3.2 Türkiye's Withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention

In 2021, Türkiye withdrew from the Istanbul Convention, citing concerns that the agreement had been hijacked by groups attempting to normalize homosexuality. This decision was likely influenced by the convention's inclusion of transgender women, who are biologically male, in the category of women.

4. Erdogan's Government's Views on LGBTQ Ideology

4.1 LGBTQ Ideology as Perceived Foreign "Religion"

Many officials within Erdogan's conservative government view LGBTQ ideology as a foreign import, specifically an American and European "religion," which they consider incompatible with Turkish morals and values.

4.2 Turkish Interior Minister's Statement on LGBTQ Ideology

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu expressed his concerns about the alleged attempt to eradicate gender distinctions within Turkish society through the promotion of LGBT rights. His statement reflects the prevailing sentiment within the government.

4.3 Erdogan's Call to the Youth

During a rally, Erdogan urged young people to refrain from embracing LGBTQ individuals, urging them to maintain traditional values and not oppose the institution of marriage.

Conclusion: The Clash Between Traditional Turkish Values and Western Liberal Influences

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's recent victory has reaffirmed his commitment to defending traditional Turkish values against what he perceives as the infiltration of liberal Western ideology. By labeling his political opponents as proponents of the LGBT movement, Erdogan seeks to mobilize his supporters and secure their loyalty. The withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention and the government's stance on LGBTQ issues underscore their perception of such ideologies as foreign and incongruous with Turkish morals. As Turkey moves forward, the clash between traditional Turkish values and Western liberal influences remains a significant topic of discussion and debate.

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