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Biden’s Balancing Act: White House Eyes Limiting Hunter Biden’s Public Profile Amid Legal Troubles and Electoral Concerns

Jen Psaki, who served as President Biden's press secretary, confirmed that the White House is interested in limiting Hunter Biden's public engagements.

On "Meet the Press," Kristen Welker questioned Jen Psaki about the unexpected press conference held by Hunter Biden and and its potential effects. Psaki conveyed the White House's unease, expressing a desire for Hunter Biden to keep a low profile, stating, "If you're part of the White House team, you 'd probably hope that Hunter Biden, though his father cares for him deeply, would refrain from making public statements."

Reports from Infowars.com highlighted Psaki's view that Hunter's public appearances were not beneficial and acknowledged the President's priority of caring for his son's well-being despite the challenges arising from his public statements.

Hunter Biden's decision to skip a Congressional subpoena and instead deliver a speech criticizing the House Oversight Committee's investigation into his foreign business activities backfired. The New YOrk Times even edited Hunter's statements regarding his father's involvement in his business, emphasizing the problematic nature of his impromptu press conference.

Currently facing contempt of Congress charges for defying the sepina, Hunter's legal issues escalated when he was indicted on nine felony tax charges in California. This development, coupled with his purported concerns of fleeing the country if Donald Trump were re-elected, has become a significant worry for Joe Biden, potentially impacting his chances of re-election in 2024.

According to POlitico, the President is deeply sensitive about his son's predicament, demonstrating a clear unease over aides discussing Hunter Biden's potential electoral impact or whether he should accompany the President on official engagements. This discomfort has led to a cautious avoidance of the topic among aides to prevent upsetting the President, who privately expresses concerns and fears about his son's future, particularly if faced with conviction or prison time.

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