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Trump-Ramaswamy Alliance Sparks Buzz in New Hampshire: Can It Shake Up the GOP Primary?

The Trump-Ramaswamy alliance is generating buzz as the New Hampshire primary approaches. Following Trump's victory in Iowa, Vivek Ramaswamy, who secured a distant fourth-place finish, dropped out and endorsed Trump. Their joint rally in NEw Hampshire heightened interest in whether Ramaswamy's support could impact the state's political landscape.

Republican political consultant James Hartman, though supporting Nikki Haley, acknowledged that Ramaswamy's backing could bolster Trump's standing. However, he cautioned that endorsements don't always translate proportionally when changing venues due to various variables. Hartman emphasized Ramaswamy's alignment with the "Trump 2.0" image, but urged not to underestimate voters' independent thinking.

Highlighting the historical unpredictability of Iowa in determining non-incumbent nominees, Hartman noted that Trump's populist message sets him apart. Vanderbilt University economics professor Mathias Polborn suggested that many of Ramaswamy's supporters might see Trump as they're second choice, making him the likely beneficiary of Ramaswamy's departure.

DePaul University professor Wayne Steger, a prior skeptic of Ramaswamy's candidacy, predicted minimal impact from his withdrawal, stating that most of Ramaswamy's votes would naturally align with Trump. Steger anticipated Haley performing better in New Hampshire, DeSantis worse, and Trump maintaining his standing, reflecting recent polling data.

Despite Trump's dominance in current polls, Polborn outlined an improbable scenario where Trump dropping out could shift attention to the last non-Trump candidate standing. He highlighted the challenges the Republican primaries might face in such a situation.

As the primary date approaches, observers are closely watching how the Trump-Ramaswamy alliance may influence the dynamics in New Hampshire, a state that has shown favorability towards Trump but also presents a diverse field of candidates.

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