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As we get older, time flies by

The years seem to pass in a blur

We look back on our youth with a sigh And wonder where all the time has occurred

But getting older isn't all bad

It brings wisdom and experience, we've found

We've learned from our mistakes and the sad

And we wear our age with a crown

We may have wrinkles and graying hair

But we've earned every line on our face

We've loved and we've lost and we've cared

We've found joy in life's simplest embrace

So let us embrace getting older

For it's a journey we all must take

Let us look back on our lives with a shoulder

And move forward, no matter the ache

For age is just a number, they say

And it's the memories that truly matter

So let us live each day, come what may

And embrace getting older, no matter the chatter


By Chris Wick

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