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Are Trustees for Waterloo Catholic School Board Accountable for Racist and Anti-Christian Remarks on Social Media?

The trustees of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) in Ontario, Canada, were in the middle of their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday when a group of concerned residents showed up to question one of the trustees' social media postings, which the group of citizens considered to be "racist and anti-Christian." Rebel News reporter David Menzies is seen in a video of the event questioning WCDSB chair Tracey Weiler about tweets made by trustee Wendy Ashby. The footage was posted on Twitter by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC). Throughout these tweets, Ashby refers to "white Christian" males as the "most dangerous creature on the planet."

Menzies took a position in front of the board and read out Ashby's comments, which were derogatory toward white Christian men. After she finished, she questioned whether or not the board disapproved of her statement. Weiler tried to silence Menzies by yelling "point of order" as he was asking his question. This was an attempt to prevent Menzies from speaking. Following the posing of the question, Weiler requested that Menzies take a seat, advising him that his actions would result in his being kicked out of the meeting.

Menzies gave a response in which he stated that he would have asked Ashby the question directly, but because she was "sitting this one out," he had no alternative but to inquire about her behavior with the board of directors.

It is of the utmost importance for trustees to preserve the highest ethical standards and refrain from taking any acts that might be seen as unfair, discriminatory, or harmful to any member of the community in which they serve. The event serves as a timely reminder that public leaders should be held responsible for their behavior and the remarks they make on social media.

In conclusion, the WCDSB has to undertake a comprehensive investigation into the problem, and if they discover any trustee in breach of their code of conduct, they need to take the proper disciplinary action. It is of the utmost importance to sustain a setting that is both secure and welcoming for all of the community's residents, including students and employees.

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