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Are Central Banks Stockpiling Gold to Prepare for Fiat Currency Collapse?

The financial sector is experiencing a crisis, and things are getting worse. Central banks worldwide are buying gold at an unprecedented rate, a sign that fiat currencies are about to collapse. Meanwhile, commercial banks are imploding, with more failures looming.

In recent developments, PacWest Bankcorp, Western Alliance, and Metropolitan Bank have all been halted on the stock exchange due to plummeting stock prices. These banks are just a few examples of small and mid-sized banks that are being targeted for destruction by the corrupt establishment.

The establishment's goal is to eliminate small and mid-sized banks and leave only a few giant banks with all the assets. JP Morgan is one such giant. With this strategy, once the small and mid-sized banks have been destroyed, the establishment will initiate the final collapse of the dollar and try to force everyone into Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). CBDCs will be the last nail in the coffin of human freedom, as they will allow governments and central banks to have complete control over citizens' finances.

In a recent interview, Chris Olson, the CEO of Treasure Island, spoke about this exact scenario. He warned that the final collapse of the dollar is imminent and urged people to protect themselves by investing in gold and silver.

At the same time, Michael Yon has been reporting on a mass of migrants gathering in Panama near the Darien Gap. The UN-funded migrant camps in Panama are staging a globalist invasion force intended to replace the American people. According to American Military News.com, the Mexican cartels are preparing to flood the US southern border with between 700,000 and one million illegal immigrants, overwhelming border protection services and flooding the USA with an actual invasion force of migrants.

The crisis in the commercial banking sector and the looming collapse of fiat currencies are alarming, but it is not too late to take action. Investing in gold and silver is an excellent way to protect your wealth and safeguard your financial freedom. With more bank failures and financial turmoil on the horizon, it is essential to be prepared and stay informed about the latest developments.

In conclusion, the financial sector is in a state of crisis, and the corrupt establishment is targeting small and mid-sized banks for destruction. The final collapse of the dollar is imminent, and the powers that be are attempting to force everyone into CBDCs, which will be the last nail in the coffin of human freedom. However, investing in gold and silver can help you protect your wealth and financial freedom in these troubled times. Stay informed and be prepared for the coming financial storm.

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