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Unveiling the Globalist Elite’s Accountability: The Pascal Najadi Revelation

In a world filled with intrigue and global power struggles, Pascal Najadi, the son of one of the World Economic Forum's co-founders, has taken a courageous step in cooperating with prosecutors investigating crimes against humanity. This bold move has sent shockwaves through global diplomatic circles, raising concerns that diplomatic immunity may be revoked and arrest warrants issued for key figures of the global elite. In this article, we will explore how Najadi's actions are unraveling the secrets of the global elite and setting the stage for potential Nuremberg 2.0 trials.

Unearthing the Globalist Agenda:

Pascal Najadi's Mission

Pascal Najadi, the son of Hussein Najadi, a co-founder of the World Economic Forum alongside Klaus Schwab in 1971, has taken it upon himself to expose the dark underbelly of the global elite's activities. His mission involves cooperating with prosecutors and providing them with his father's invaluable documents, computers, records, and archives. Najadi's relentless pursuit of justice is not new; he previously initiated legal action against the Swiss Prime Minister Alain Berset, leading to Berset's resignation due to false claims about Covid vaccines.

Removing Diplomatic Immunity

To hold the global elite accountable, the first crucial step is to strip them of their diplomatic immunity, a privilege they enjoy under Swiss law. Najadi's determination to see justice served has pushed for the removal of this immunity, clearing the way for potential arrests. He firmly believes that the elites are hiding in plain sight, with Geneva serving as the epicenter of their activities.

The Nuremberg 2.0 Trials:

Crimes Against Humanity

As the world grapples with the consequences of the Covid pandemic, it has become increasingly evident that the global elite's intentions are far from benevolent. The Nuremberg 2.0 trials, which Najadi and prosecutors are preparing for at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, aim to shed light on the crimes against humanity committed by key figures like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and Dr. Anthony Fauci. The global elite's relentless pursuit of a One World Government is becoming alarmingly apparent, but Najadi and the global community are determined not to let it come to fruition.

The Global Reach of the Elite:

New Zealand's Connection

The globalist elite's influence extends well beyond Switzerland, as illustrated by the case of New Zealand. During Jacinda Ardern's tenure as prime minister, New Zealand found itself under the sway of the World Economic Forum. Medical malpractice occurred when 30 individuals received a Covid injection on a single day, and all 30 individuals tragically lost their lives within the same timeframe. Despite this, the government continued to promote the injections.

Trust in the Face of Deceit

In a world increasingly controlled by powerful forces, it becomes crucial to recognize the gravity of the situation. Jacinda Ardern's government insisted that the public trust them as the "only source of truth." This narrative is just one example of how those in power manipulate and gaslight the public.


Pascal Najadi's cooperation with prosecutors and his unyielding pursuit of justice reveal the potential downfall of the global elite's impunity. The Nuremberg 2.0 trials, which are gaining momentum, signify a turning point in the battle against the globalist agenda. As the world awakens to the truth, the actions of individuals like Najadi and the collective resilience of the people are poised to reshape the course of history, ensuring that justice prevails over deception and manipulation.

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