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Archbishop Vigano: A Call to Battle Against a Global Coup D’état

Archbishop Carlo Vigano has sounded a clarion call, alerting humanity to the covert orchestration of a global coup d'état. His urgent plea resonates with a dire warning, urging collective action to avert an impending catastrophe.

Klaus Schwab's Threat to Global Governance

In a startling revelation, Vigano asserts that Klaus Schwab, a prominent figure spearheading the Great Reset, is leveraging his influence to coerce the leaders of the world's 20 most industrialized nations. This coercion is aimed at advancing Schwab's agenda, positioning the Great Reset as an ominous force dictating global governance.

Unveiling the 4th Industrial Revolution

" This is the 4th Industrial Revolution," Vigano declares, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. He underscores the magnitude of a global power struggle, delineating it as a clandestine upheaval orchestrated by an international syndicate that has ensnared or coerced governing bodies into subservience.

Upholding Vigano's Call to Action

Vigano's message is a rallying cry, imploring individuals to rise against this insidious manipulation. He stresses the imperative need for people worldwide to awaken, unify, and actively resist this encroaching menace.

Embracing Vigano's Resolve

The call to action resonates not only as a warning but as an invitation for global solidarity. Vigano's words beckon individuals to become vigilant citizens, ready to engage in a collective effort to safeguard humanity's sovereignty.

Amidst the encroaching shadows of orchestrated global control, Archbishop Vigano's fervent appeal serves as a beacon of hope, galvanizing humanity to unite and confront this stealthy siege on our freedoms. The time to act is now, lest we succumb to the perils of a subjugated future.

In unity lies our strength, and through vigilance and action, we forge a formidable bulwark against this unprecedented threat to our autonomy and collective destiny.

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