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Pandemic Planning or Exploitation?

I argue that the COVID-19 pandemic was either premeditated or opportunistically exploited as it initially swept through China. It served as a convenient excuse for the impending Greater Depression, a historically unprecedented economic downturn resulting from financial manipulation and gambling by the financial elite. The blame for bursting inflated asset bubbles and crashing the economy was strategically placed at President Donald Trump's doorstep.

Moreover, this crisis, which is gaining fatal momentum, is being used by the ruling elite to push for drastic "reforms." These reforms begin with a call for a centralized world government, a globalist agenda that has long been in the making. This scheme is introduced as a temporary solution to address the virus, but it is poised to become permanent.

A Global Government on the Horizon

According to The Guardian, Gordon Brown's "executive power" is expected to persist even after the virus subsides, laying the foundation for a global government. The world economy's impending cliff fall, potentially just weeks or months away, could lead to food shortages and the imposition of martial law. This would happen without explicit authorization in the Constitution, creating an end-run around established democratic processes.

Prior to Brown's demand, bankers and economists were already advocating for a "digital alternative to paper money" to combat the virus's spread and improve financial inclusion. The elite at Davos had already been discussing the transition from paper money to a digital system, a move that would facilitate tracking and surveillance of citizens.

A System of Control

As Christopher Giancarlo, former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, noted, users of the U.S. dollar are "underserved by an analog currency in a digital world." Transitioning to digital currency would streamline surveillance and control, both by corporations and the state. This move poses significant concerns regarding personal privacy.

Manufactured Hysteria and Threats

The current state and media-generated hysteria know no bounds. The Department of Homeland Security has warned about potential violent extremists exploiting the pandemic to carry out attacks in the United States. The FBI, for the first time, has identified fringe conspiracy theories as a domestic terrorist threat, suggesting that those who question the official narrative on the virus might be categorized as "domestic extremists."

However, it's essential to remember that the real culprits are often hidden in high places. They exploit the pandemic, which is no deadlier than the seasonal flu, to advance their one-world agenda. In these uncertain times, it's crucial to maintain a critical perspective and not let fear dictate our response.

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