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Dems ready to arrest former President Donald Trump

According to reports, law enforcement agencies are ready to arrest former President Donald Trump as soon as next week, following demands from Democratic leaders.

This comes as the office of the Manhattan District Attorney reopened its criminal investigation into allegations that President Trump paid "hush money" to porn star Stephanie Clifford, popularly known as Stormy Daniels.

The case has been upgraded to the level of a felony, and Trump is accused of paying payments to Daniels as part of a plot to silence her and prevent the tale of their alleged romance from being published in the National Enquirer. The case was previously classified as a misdemeanor. In spite of these charges, Trump has never stopped denying that the affair took place.

This week, President Trump did not testify before the grand jury in Manhattan, and his attorney, Joe Tacopina, has been vocal in his criticism of the prosecutors working on the Stormy case. Tacopina is of the opinion that the prosecutors are bending the law in an effort to find some way to accuse Trump, and that they have been combing through both Trump's personal and professional life for the past seven years looking for evidence of wrongdoing.

According to Fox News, plans are already being made to arrest Trump within the next week, and the Manhattan District Attorney's office has requested a meeting with law enforcement in advance of the potential indictment. If Trump is taken into custody, he will go through the same processing as any other criminal, and it will be up to the Secret Service to determine whether or not to handcuff him.

The fans of Donald Trump feel that this charge is only one component of a wider plot hatched by Democrats to stifle political opponents of their party. They feel that the left has been plotting Trump's downfall from the moment he took office and consider this investigation as nothing more than a witch hunt.

They are determined to eliminate him because they feel he poses a risk to the extreme agenda that they are pursuing, and they will stop at nothing to do so. These advocates insist that there should be justice and openness on this subject.

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