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Victoria Nuland Advocates for Unrestricted U.S. Support for Ukrainian Strikes Inside Russia

Nuland's Call for Unrestricted Use of American Weapons

Victoria Nuland, a former senior official in the U.S. Department of State, has made a bold statement regarding the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. She asserts that Ukraine should be allowed to use American weapons without any restrictions, even to strike targets deep within Russian territory.

The Case for Striking Russian Bases

Nuland believes that Ukraine has the right to target military bases within Russia. She emphasized this point during an interview with ABC News, arguing that the United States and its allies should support Ukraine in these efforts.

Historical Context and Current Limitations

Currently, American military aid to Ukraine comes with the condition that these weapons are not used to attack targets on what the U.S. recognizes as Russian soil. This restriction excludes areas contested by Ukraine and Russia. Nuland, who has been influential in shaping U.S. foreign policy in Europe for decades, is advocating for this limitation to be removed.

The Argument for Lifting Restrictions

Nuland told ABC News, “They need

to be able to stop these Russian attacks that are coming from bases inside Russia.” She continued, “The United States and our allies ought to give them more help in hitting Russian bases, which heretofore we have not been willing to do.”

Nuland's argument is clear: without the ability to strike at the source of these attacks, Ukraine is at a significant disadvantage. She reasons that if Ukrainian forces could target the bases where missiles are launched and where troops are supplied, it would change the dynamic of the conflict.

International Reactions and Implications

Nuland's stance is not isolated. British Foreign Secretary David Cameron recently echoed similar sentiments, suggesting that Ukraine has the right to use UK-provided weapons to strike targets inside Russia. This position, however, comes with significant risks. Moscow has warned that any such attack would prompt retaliation against British military assets, regardless of their location.

Ukraine's Lobbying Efforts

In response to the current restrictions, Ukrainian officials have been actively lobbying in Washington, D.C. Their goal is to pressure the White House to reconsider its arms policy. They argue that Russia's recent advances in the Kharkov region are partly due to Ukraine's inability to carry out preemptive strikes across the border.

Accusations of Escalation

Nuland has accused Russia of escalating the conflict through its operations in Kharkov. She claims that Russia's strategy aims to decimate the city without committing ground troops. According to Nuland, Russian forces have already flattened a third of Kharkov, although these claims are made without supporting evidence.

The Neoconservative Perspective

Nuland, known for her neoconservative views, argues that allowing Ukraine to strike Russian bases would not be an escalation. Instead, she believes it would be a necessary response to Russia's aggressive tactics. Her position is that these strikes would serve as a deterrent, preventing further Russian advances and protecting Ukrainian sovereignty.

Conclusion: A Controversial Proposal

Victoria Nuland's proposal to lift restrictions on Ukraine's use of American weapons to strike inside Russia is highly controversial. It reflects a broader debate about the extent of Western support for Ukraine and the potential risks of escalating the conflict with Russia. As Ukrainian officials continue their lobbying efforts, the U.S. and its allies face difficult decisions about how to balance support for Ukraine with the need to avoid a broader war.

In the end, the question remains: Should the West allow Ukraine to strike deep into Russian territory, potentially changing the course of the war but also risking severe repercussions? The answer to this question will shape the future of the conflict and the geopolitical landscape of Eastern Europe.

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