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US General Admits That “There Will Be No 2024 Election”

US General Admits That "There Will Be No 2024 Election" and That "Global Elite Is Planning Global Financial Crash"

A U.S. military officer has revealed that the 2024 presidential election will not take place and that banks all throughout the country are set to close.

Col. Douglas MacGregor claims that the American people should be aware that all of the country's major banks will shortly undergo a "sudden," elite-initiated closure that might last up to three weeks.

Now that they have everything figured out, the elite are prepared to unleash hell on the general public in order to realize their terrifying globalist plan. Thus, how can we prevent them? The solutions are on the way.
Col. Douglas MacGregor recently disclosed, on Patrick Bet-David's podcast, that the globalist elite is preparing a scheme to bring down the banking system and cause a worldwide financial catastrophe.

They could do this, but why? People are waking up and becoming more and more desperate because their goal is failing.

In order to manipulate the public into embracing a One World Government, we are witnessing a drive towards global government that is being covered up and disguised as humanitarianism, multiculturalism, staged globalist wars, and created threats like pandemics and global warming.

The elite intends to cause a worldwide financial catastrophe beyond anything the world has ever seen in order for this to happen. A New International Economic Order will emerge like a phoenix from the ashes of this financial disaster. The public will be informed that the world economy can only be stabilized and their meager remaining riches can only be preserved by the new system.

For generations, the wealthy have been concentrating their money in order to safeguard it. Recent events, like as the Covid epidemic and the 2008 global financial crisis, have caused the process of consolidation to pick up speed, with the elite benefiting while the rest of us suffer.

The wealthy will be in a position to purchase what's left for pennies on the dollar when the global financial system ultimately collapses. What financial position does this put the rest of the globe in?

The solution lies in being enslaved to a techno-communist global governmental system run by the Davos World Economic Forum and the shadowy figures in charge of that cabal's public image.

Now that you're paying attention, you can see that everything in your environment is designed with this one purpose in mind.

In order to guarantee that, if this collapse starts, it will have a cascading impact on nations all over the world, central banks have pushed nation-states into tremendous debt during the past century.

Right now, we are witnessing a transition to a cashless society, with Australia and other WEF-infiltrated governments setting the example.

Additionally, the globalist elite is pressuring its vassal governments to adopt a central bank digital currency, or CBDC, which is actually software intended to be an instrument of complete societal control rather than actual cash.

It's understandable why Davos' far-left authoritarians are drawn to CBDCs. You have no independence or autonomy if you can use a single keyboard to erase your financial balance. You are wholly dependent on the elite and a slave to the system.

Furthermore, the elite becomes so conceited that they are openly acknowledging their goals and the fact that they revolve around complete societal control. Introducing Agustin Carstens, the chief executive of the Bank for International Settlements, the central bank of central banks.

And just in case you believe this is some kind of crazy conspiracy theory that will never come true, you should know that the elite is now centralizing currency in the United States in a covert and clandestine manner without any public debate.

South Dakota Gov. Kirsti Noem discovered them attempting to redefine the meaning of currency by concealing it in the small print of a 100-page statute. She joined Tucker Carlson before he was canceled by the mainstream media, to warn us all that we must wake up to the agenda - and quickly.

If the globalist elite are permitted to follow their plan, most people will have lost their life savings within the next several years. They will own nothing and will be obliged to appear to be pleased since the elite will have complete control over whatever pitiful cash the techno-communist elite have given to the population.

The majority of the world's main institutions were established with this objective in mind. From the United Nations to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, to think tanks like Cato, Balfour, and Brookings.

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