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In the realm of critical health matters, the pursuit of scientific truth often takes a backseat to the arena of smear campaigns and insinuations. The authorities entrusted with our medical well-being seem to steer clear of settling the science, preferring instead to engage in battles of discrediting and conjecture.

Embracing Reassurance: A Reluctance to Confront Reality

In an unsettling reality, the majority of us remain unprepared to confront the unvarnished truth. Rather than facing stark realities, we seek comfort and reassurance. We clutch onto our security blankets, unable to grapple with the notion that our lives exist in a world where self-interest isn't paramount. The idea that our destinies are at the mercy of an intricate Ponzi scheme, susceptible to collapse due to various design flaws – be it an ecological catastrophe, a nuclear crisis, a pandemic, or a misguided step in the realm of Artificial Intelligence – is simply too distressing to entertain.

As we jest at figureheads like Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or Boris Johnson, we paradoxically remain deeply invested in the very system that continually ushers them in. We require this belief as desperately as a child clings to the fleeting belief in Santa Claus. Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, we adamantly maintain that our societies are eternally ascending on the path of progress.

The Ostrich Syndrome: Denying the Death Spiral

Few among us are willing to contemplate the possibility of being caught in a downward spiral. Instead of taking action to reshape the world, we choose to bury our heads in the sand. We deliberately ignore even the most glaring signs of the inherent dysfunction and corruption ingrained in the system.

A Startling Revelation: The Ivermectin Debacle

These unsettling musings are triggered, in part, by the belated admission from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – an admission quietly made by government legal representatives during a court hearing. Startlingly, the FDA conceded that for the past two years, it has been disseminating misleading information about both Ivermectin and the unauthorized use of this drug by doctors for treating Covid.

At this juncture, you might be inclined to change the channel, dismissing Ivermectin as a topic reserved for anti-vaxxers and Covid skeptics. But bear with me for a moment. Let me swiftly interject a disclaimer. The crux of this discourse isn't the efficacy of Ivermectin in treating Covid – particularly as I lack the medical expertise to adjudicate on the matter. I tread on subjects within my realm of familiarity and insight.

Unmasking Political Agendas: Beyond Medical Controversies

The focus here isn't on medical debates concerning Ivermectin; it's on dissecting the political debates orbiting it – and the revelations they provide about the intertwining of medical concerns and broader agendas, often dictated by political and commercial interests.

Rest assured, my interest in Ivermectin doesn't stem from vested interests, nor will I gain from its fluctuating usage – whether it soars or dwindles. Unlike the pharmaceutical giants, my motivation lies elsewhere.

Coincidentally, Ivermectin serves as an engrossing case study – one that exemplifies the corruption infiltrating our regulatory and governance mechanisms, as well as our reluctance to acknowledge this corruption due to the fear of its implications.

In the grand tapestry of ideological comfort we weave around ourselves, Ivermectin emerges as an additional data point capable of nudging each of us out of our carefully crafted cocoons.

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