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United Nations and the World Economic Forum have plans to Regulate Water Supply

As part of their "Great Reset" goal for mankind, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum (WEF) have instructed nations to regulate the quantity of water that is available to the general population.

New York will play home to a conference on water that will be hosted by globalist groups. The purpose of the meeting is to raise awareness of the worldwide water situation and decide on an action to attain globally agreed-upon water-related goals.

The globalist elites would have complete dominion over all aspects of human life if their ambitions were ever accomplished.

Objectives for a Sustainable and Resilient Development

The Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations has set several goals for sustainable development, some of which are the eradication of poverty and hunger, the improvement of people's health, the promotion of gender equality, and the provision of clean water and adequate sanitation. Although these objectives appear to be significant, what really matters are the specifics. It is one thing for private persons or charity organizations to give assistance and support to those who are in need; however, it is entirely another thing for governments to utilize funds collected through taxes to manage and regulate the activities of human beings.

The U.N. controls the means of production and consumption while working toward the elimination of poverty, bad health, pollution, hunger, and prejudice. Nirvana is promised to everyone, but only on the condition that states give up their sovereignty, submit to the United Nations directives, and sacrifice their wealth, freedom, and choice for the "better good."

Rules Regarding Water

It is currently uncertain what the particulars of the next regulatory scheme will be, although the U.N. plans to safeguard water that is utilized for bathing, construction, marine life, and transportation. Limits on the amount of water that can be used in residential areas, prohibiting its use in agricultural settings, increasing the cost of doing business for farmers, and imposing stringent controls on vessels that can navigate oceans and rivers are likely to be the primary focuses of the regulations. After that would come the offset requirement, in which the U.N. requests that activities be traded in order to compensate for the purported contamination of the rivers.

According to the World Economic Forum, crises involving natural resources, such as those involving water and food, will be among the top 10 most significant threats that humanity will face in the next ten years. Hysteria is being caused as a result of the double-whammy of climate alarmism and a water shortage, with the media amplifying the accusations further. The conference explores how we can effectively manage and value water, sharing the burden of avoiding or managing droughts and floods. It is believed that global warming is making the water situation worse. On the other hand, global bureaucrats have the goal of subjecting all human endeavors to the supervision of the United Nations. and its hand-picked allies in the politics of the world.


The United Nations is now hosting a conference on water. Moreover, the World Economic Forum intends to draw attention to the worldwide water situation and make decisions regarding how to proceed in order to meet globally agreed-upon water-related objectives. On the other hand, if these aims are completely accomplished, the globalist elites will have complete control over all aspects of human life. The U.N. aims to restrict water consumption in a variety of methods, including setting limitations on domestic usage, making access more expensive, prohibiting usage in agricultural settings, and imposing stringent regulations on transportation. Because of the frenzy around natural resource shortages and the alarmism surrounding climate change, the U.N. is resorting to the use of terror in order to further its goal of controlling all human activity through the channels of its chosen allies in international politics.

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