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Uncovering the Dark Side of Crises: How the Powerful Exploit…

In a current episode of his program "Stay Free," comic and political analyst Russell Brand explored how crises dealt with by routine individuals, from the COVID-19 pandemic to financial chaos to war, offer chances for those in power to collect wealth and control the masses. According to Brand, corporations frequently benefit from these crises, mentioning examples such as BP and Shell's record earnings, along with Pfizer's benefit from COVID-19 vaccine sales. He argues that much of this earnings is acquired from taxpayer cash and thinks that political leaders need to not have the ability to make money from crises either.

Desmet discusses that totalitarian societies rely on "mass development," where individuals lose their capability to seriously assess their group and end up being prepared to compromise their wellness for the sake of the group story. Desmet states that in a mass, individuals bond to a concept rather of each other, developing a sort of "mass hypnosis."

Brand name discussed Desmet's theories, stating that he likes how they are connected to specific minds and states like solitude. He recommends that, unlike totalitarian societies of the past, open violence may not be needed. Brand name thinks that lots of people are experiencing a loss of significance, which can be made use of by those in power.

In conclusion, Brand and Desmet's conversation highlights how crises can be utilized by those in power to build up wealth and control the masses. They think that this adjustment is accomplished through the exploitation of individuals's minds and feelings which it is a severe issue for society.

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