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Truckers Rally Against Decision to Omit Trump from Colorado Ballot

Truck drivers across various networks have united in a boycott aimed at Colorado until Donald J. Trump's name is reinstated on the ballot.

In a resolute stand, a spokesperson for the major trucking protest declared, "All trucking operations will come to a halt. No more shipments until Trump's name is back on the ballot." This move was sparked by what they termed a tyrannical decision in Colorado that strips away citizens' rights to choose their president.

Reports from Mutha Trucker News affirmed the groundswell of support, with numerous drivers expressing intentions to boycott Colorado due to Trump's exclusion from the ballot. "It seems highly likely that thousands of truck drivers will steer clear of Colorado," they confirmed.

The controversy escalated earlier this week when GOP presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy criticized the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling as an unconstitutional assault on demorcracy. Ramaswamy took to X platform to voice his concerns, labeling the decision as a tactic to stifle political opponents and sway the election in favor of the Democrats' chosen candidate.

"Every conceivable strategy has been employed to sideline President Trump from this election. Now, the bipartisan Establishment is resorting to a new maneuver-- using the 14th Amendment-- to prevent him from seeking office again," Ramaswamy asserted.

He further called upon his Republican counterparts to withdraw from Colorado's ballot in a show of solidarity. "I urge Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, and Nikki Haley to take the same stance immediately. Failure to do so implies their endorsement of this unlawful action, which could have dire consequences for our nation," he emphasized.

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