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The Secrecy Surrounding COVID Vaccine Exemptions in New Zealand’s Health Ministry

Unveiling the Veil of Secrecy: New Zealand's Ministry of Health and COVID Vaccine Exemptions

The New Zealand Ministry of Health, amid urging the general public to receive COVID-19 vaccinations, granted exemptions to a substantial number of its key staff. This intricate scenario of exemption approvals came to light following an Official Information Act (OIA) request directed at the ministry back in August 2023.

Granting of Exemptions: Unveiling the Numbers

The OIA sought clarity on the number of exemptions granted based on legislation operational in 2021. Matt Hannant, Interim Director of Prevention at the National Public Health Service, revealed that between November 13, 2021, and September 26, 2022, a total of 478 Significant Service Disruption (SSD) exemption applications were received. Remarkably, 103 applications, covering an approximate workforce of 11,005 individuals, received approval. Notably, discerning the exact number of workers covered proved challenging due to the possibility of multiple workers being encompassed under a single application.

Behind Closed Doors: The Hidden Beneficiaries

Digging deeper, insights obtained from inquiries and insider sources revealed that a substantial number of Ministry of Health staff and associated contractors benefited from these vaccine exemptions. Reports highlighted instances where consultants in Dunedin, numbering 95, secured exemptions, while a group of Northland doctors orchestrated among themselves to remain unvaccinated. This pattern seemingly extended to hundreds across various regions.

Shrouded in Silence: Secrecy and Medical Dynamics

Exemption recipients found themselves bound by confidentiality agreements, prohibiting disclosure of their exemption status. The Ministry of Health orchestrated a covert process, aiming to shield these exemptions from public scrutiny. Meanwhile, medical professionals who cautioned against mRNA COVID vaccination faced reprimand and suspension, perpetuating a climate of enforced compliance.

Manipulation and Hypocrisy in Healthcare

Medical practitioners faced a dilemma-- while some opted to remain unvaccinated, they were mandated to advocate vaccination to patients, fostering a glaring contradiction within the healthcare system. This conundrum, approved by figures like Dr. Ashley Bloomfield and possibly sanctioned by higher government echelons, propelled a culture of secrecy.

Critical Assessment: Safety and Concerns

The criteria for exemption approval centered on the pivotal role of staff within the health service. Senior personnel and key surgical positions seemingly gained leverage to remain unvaccinated, while frontline workers like nurses encountered barriers, losing their positions due to lack of exemption.

Unveiling the Safety Debate: Excess Deaths and Vaccination

Examining the safety concerns, empirical data from 2023 across OECD nations raises alarming questions. Nations with higher vaccination rates showcased elevated excess death rates, countering assumptions that vaccinated populations were inherently safer.

Narrative vs. Reality: Excess Deaths Unveiled

Contrary to popular narratives, data from less vaccinated OECD nations revealed normal death rates, challenging the belief that the unvaccinated faced higher mortality rates. The absence of comprehensive long-term comparative studies further complicates the assessment of vaccine safety.

Questioning the Narrative: Unanswered Concerns

The excess death conundrum, estimated at 1.2 million within OECD member countries in 2022, demands critical inquiry. The blurred lines beteen COVID-related deaths and vaccine-related fatalities underscore a pressing need for transparent investigation.

The Importance of Perception: Shaping Policy Narratives

Policy influencers and proponents of vaccination mandates hinge on the belief that the vaccinated fare better. Yet, the lack of substantial comparative studies raises skepticism regarding this narrative's authenticity.

Repercussions and Responsibility: The Fallout

Organizations discrediting vaccine injury as a conspiracy theory inadvertently deflect culpability for their missteps. The veil of silence shrouding excess deaths and health complications perpetuates a crisis, dividing communites and undermining public trust.

Conclusion: A Call for Transparency

As New Zealand's Ministry of Health conceals alarming statistics and plans further vaccine rollouts, the need for transparency and unobstructed dialogue becomes paramount. Concealment tactics jeopardize public safety and perpetuate a cycle of distrust and division.

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