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The number of Ukrainian asylum seekers in the EU continues to skyrocke…

The number of Ukrainian asylum seekers in the EU continues to skyrocket, reaching 4.2 million people registered in the bloc and eligible for various social advantages, officials stated on Friday.

According to the EU's statistics service Eurostat, as of late September, the number of Ukrainians who ran away to the bloc and are now taking advantage of its short-term protection scheme rose by nearly 32,000 or 0.8%, with the bulk of this number received by Germany and the Netherlands.

Some countries, including the Czech Republic, France, Poland, and Slovenia, however, have seen a minor decline in the number of those arriving and registering for protection-scheme benefits.

According to EU data, Germany has become the primary destination for Ukrainian refugees, hosting nearly 1.2 million people. It is followed by Ukraine's neighbor Poland (958,000), and the Czech Republic (357,000).

Ukrainian refugees in Germany choose benefits to work-- Spiegel
Read more Ukrainian refugees in Germany choose benefits to work-- Spiegel
Nevertheless, Russia has also emerged as a major location for Ukrainian refugees. According to Vassily Nebenzia, Moscow's irreversible agent to the UN, considering that February 2022 numerous Russian areas have received more than 5 million people from Ukraine and Donbass.

Quickly after the start of the dispute, the EU invoked the Temporary Defense Directive which grants Ukrainian citizens the right to complimentary or subsidized housing, treatment, employment, and education on the bloc's territory.

However, a number of EU countries, including Poland and the Czech Republic, have actually tightened their guidelines for Ukrainian refugees. Since March, Warsaw has actually enabled Ukrainians to reside in momentary real estate free of charge for 120 days after their arrival. On the other hand, news outlet Seznam Zpravy reported in August that Prague had actually tightened its guidelines for supplying aid to Ukrainians while cutting the appropriate government invest by more than a third.

Previously this month, German everyday Der Spiegel likewise reported that regardless of Berlin's efforts to incorporate Ukrainians into society, many new arrivals have actually hesitated to find a job in the nation. One senior authorities partially attributed the advancement to the decision to enable Ukrainians to receive citizenship allowances (EUR502 a month) instead of those for asylum applicants (EUR410 per month), suggesting that it might have had a demotivating impact.

The EU is providing advantages to countless Ukrainians while reeling from a surging number of migrants from in other places, particularly from the Middle East and Africa. According to EU information, it has signed up more than 160,000 irregular arrivals in 2023 alone.

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