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The Immediate Warning from Popular Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough:…

The Immediate Warning from Popular Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough: Covid Shots Posture Tomb Dangers to Human Being Health

In a pivotal testimony before the European Parliament, Dr. Peter McCullough, a distinguished cardiologist, provided a stark caution about the treacherous nature of Covid shots, stating them "not safe for human usage." Let's delve into the critical insights shared by Dr. McCullough during this testament and the profound implications for international health.

Revealing the Risks of Covid mRNA Shots

In his compelling statement, Dr. McCullough highlighted the disconcerting wave of damage released by Covid mRNA shots. Contrary to dominating stories associating health problems to the virus itself, he asserted that the vaccines are the primary culprit behind skyrocketing rates of heart attacks, strokes, and sudden deaths.

Questioning the WHO's Stance

Dr. McCullough challenged the World Health Organization's (WHO) endorsement of these vaccines, advising major stakeholders like the European Union and the United States to withdraw their support. He highlighted the WHO's participation in a cover-up throughout the early stages of the pandemic, emphasizing the requirement for an extensive investigation into the origins of SARS-CoV-2.

Deception and Cover-Up

Drawing attention to a collaborated effort involving essential figures such as Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins, Dr. McCullough exposed a web of deception surrounding the infection's engineered origin in a US-Chinese partnership. He criticized the subsequent deceptive documents published in peer-reviewed literature, perpetuating false information.

Dangers of mRNA Vaccine Technology

Dr. McCullough highlighted the devastating repercussions of presenting messenger RNA (mRNA) into the body. He identified the injection of the hereditary code for the spike protein as "the worst idea ever," stressing its possible to trigger heart diseases, neurologic disorders, blood clots, and immunologic problems.

The Four Domains of Disease

Breaking down the effect of the spike protein, Dr. McCullough detailed 4 significant domains of disease: cardiovascular concerns, neurologic disorders consisting of strokes, blood clots, and immunologic abnormalities. He pointed out 3,400 peer-reviewed manuscripts supporting these claims, prompting caution in the face of widespread vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) and inflammatory disorders.

Incorrect Narratives and the Urgency to Act

Dr. McCullough exposed three false stories surrounding the pandemic: the virus being unassailable, the security and efficacy of vaccines, and the existing effort to blame Covid for vaccine-related issues. Urging against succumbing to these narratives, he called for immediate action to eliminate Covid-19 vaccines from the marketplace.

Conclusion: A Plea for Caution and Urgent Action

In conclusion, Dr. McCullough urged authorities to use pressure and urgency in removing Covid-19 vaccines from the marketplace. With a resolute call to action, he highlighted the vaccines as a more considerable issue than a solution, recommending a withdrawal from the WHO by major stakeholders. The path forward, according to Dr. McCullough, is indisputable - no one must take another shot. The gravity of these discoveries needs immediate attention and extensive reevaluation of existing vaccination methods.

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