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The Great Lockdown Fallacy: Why Confining Millions to Their Homes Won’t Stop the Spread of Infections

Ah, restricting millions to their relaxing little nests-- since viruses are understood for their respect of property borders, right? Who understood infections would politely knock on doors and say, "Oh, sorry, didn't realize it was a lockdown, I'll just contaminate someone else, shall I?" Clearly, infections are just big fans of stay-at-home orders. They probably even follow them on social media for updates.

Because, let's face it, viruses flourish on solitude. They totally comprehend the principle of seclusion and the significance of individual space. It's not like they've been developing for millennia to spread out effectively among social beings. Nope, they absolutely appreciate our attempts to thwart their plans by binge-watching Netflix.

And let's not forget how incredibly reliable it was to close everything down! Organizations shuttering their doors, the economy gasping for breath-- oh, the virus should have been shaking in its tiny boots. Due to the fact that everyone understands an infection can't endure without that regional cafe being closed.

So yes, confining millions to their homes was the absolute pinnacle of genius. Infections all over are trembling in worry, thanking us for our impressive technique. Or, you understand, they're simply doing what infections do-- discovering new methods to spread while we reorganize our furnishings for the umpteenth time.

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