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The End of the ‘New World Order’: Protecting Democracy by Dismantling Globalist Bodies

German MP Christine Anderson recently delivered a powerful message, signaling an imminent end to the era of the 'New World Order' and its control over Europe. With a firm belief in protecting national sovereignty, Anderson called for the urgent dismantling of unelected globalist bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Economic Forum (WEF). In this article, we delve into Anderson's statements and explore the need to safeguard democracy by eliminating the influence of these powerful entities.

1. The Urgent Need to Dismantle Globalist Bodies

1.1 Protecting Democracy: A Call to Action

During the Citizen's Initiative conference in Brussels, Anderson emphasized that unelected bodies like the WHO, dominated and manipulated by wealthy individuals, should never replace democratically elected governments. In her impassioned speech, she argued for the urgent dismantling of these globalist institutions, asserting that democracy must prevail over unchecked power.

1.2 Exposing the Power Grabs

As a fearless advocate, Anderson pledged to identify and expose individuals, including government officials and parliamentarians, who endorse the power grabs orchestrated by the WHO and WEF. By shining a light on those complicit in these actions, she aims to hold them accountable for undermining democratic principles.

2. The Minority Dictating the Majority

2.1 Defending the People's Voice

In a direct challenge to the WHO, Anderson reaffirmed that the true power resides with the people, not with a select few. She asserted that the WHO represents a small fringe minority and lacks the authority to dictate the desires and preferences of the masses. By championing the rights of individuals, Anderson aims to restore the balance of power and ensure that the will of the people prevails.

2.2 Unyielding Determination in the Fight

Anderson's unwavering commitment to the cause was evident as she rallied millions around the world, vowing to dismantle the influence of globalist bodies. With resolute determination, she warned the WHO and its allies to prepare for the battle ahead. Her message to those opposing the fight for democracy was clear: brace yourselves, for the relentless pursuit of justice, has just begun.


In a resounding call to action, German MP Christine Anderson has sent shockwaves through the 'New World Order' by declaring its imminent demise. By advocating for the dismantling of unelected globalist bodies such as the WHO and WEF, Anderson aims to safeguard democracy and protect national sovereignty. Her unwavering resolve to expose and hold accountable those who perpetuate power grabs reflects the collective will of millions around the world. The fight for democracy has commenced, and the globalists should be prepared for a battle they cannot win.

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