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The Arowana

The Arowana is a fascinating kind of fish. The silver Arowana goldfish is a popular choice among the many individuals who keep them as pets. After all, the possession of an Arowana is said to be able to fend off bad spirits and bring about good fortune, according to mythology. To me, they seem like two excellent justifications for purchasing one.

The fish has a distinctive appearance; it is elongated, and its body is covered with scales that are silvery in color. In addition to its small head, the fish is distinguished by its tight jaw. This species of fish may be found in a variety of locations across the globe, including but not limited to South America, portions of Africa, Indochina, Australasia, & Asia, to mention a few.

Even though it has a stunning appearance, the Arowana seems to be a fish that preys on other species. In its natural environment, the Arowana feeds on a variety of prey, including other fish, bugs, and even birds. It is possible for the fish to capture animals that are hanging from low-hanging tree branches and vegetation because it has the capacity to practically leap out of the water. When kept as a pet, it is common for this fish to escape from its aquarium on a regular basis. This is notably true in the event that they are frightened by loud sounds and many other disruptions.

Additionally, because of the fish's aggressive character, it has a reputation for devouring other aquarium inhabitants and has even been known to attack fellow Arowana. To put it another way, it's tough for all these guys to connect with other individuals in the water tank.

These fish are not only hardy in their own right, but they are also difficult to rear in captivity. In order to cultivate these fish solely on your own, you will need a tank that is rather huge. A fish tank with a capacity of at least 250 gallons is recommended by the vast majority of experts. This is due to the fact that an adult Arowana may grow to be up to 47 inches in length. A tank that is too small for them would prevent them from being able to swim about and turn when necessary.

In addition, the water in the tank has to be at a precise temperature and maintain the exact pH level, just like it does with any other fish tank.

Temperatures of between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius (75 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit) should be maintained for Arowana, and the pH level should be maintained between 6.5 and 7.5.

It could be difficult to introduce more fish to the tank if the fish that is already there is very hostile. However, it is feasible to discover fish that can live together in the same tank as the fish. For instance, there are occasions when catfish, Oscars, and Jack Dempsey fish may be successful. Having just said, there is no assurance whatsoever due to the combative character of the fish since there is no guarantee.

It may be difficult to successfully breed the Silver Arowana at home; thus, providing it with the appropriate care is crucial. Nonetheless, doing so may also be a highly satisfying activity in and of itself.

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