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The 12 Ominous Signs of Globalist-Engineered Planetary Genocide

In the realm of taboo subjects, depopulation has transitioned from whispered conspiracy theories to mainstream discourse. Former skeptics are now facing the undeniable reality of ongoing global initiatives aimed at drastically reducing Earth's human population. Media outlets have started discussing the concept of "climate lockdowns," framing them as a necessary solution to combat climate change, a concept rooted in questionable science that labels carbon dioxide as detrimental to life.

Embracing the Dark Agenda

Corporate media has now taken a startling turn by advocating for climate blackouts and lockdowns, proposing measures such as air conditioning rationing and even electricity bans during hot weather. This alarming perspective portrays such actions as essential for the planet's salvation. As witnessed in a recent Los Angeles Times article, the idea of implementing "occasional blackouts" to address climate change is seriously entertained.

As underscored by Slay News:

Alarmists pushing the green agenda within corporate media are boldly calling for massive electrical grid blackouts, presenting them as a means to "solve the climate crisis." The Los Angeles Times contends that accepting blackouts could make it "easier and less expensive to fight climate change."

The narrative has shifted. The corporate media no longer dismisses engineered blackouts and climate lockdowns as mere conspiracy theories. This transformation mirrors a similar shift that occurred with the notion of consuming insects as a food source. The media has now taken a more overt stance, asserting that human society's functionality is a threat to the planet's survival. The implication is clear: dismantling the very infrastructure that sustains human life is the only way to rescue the Earth.

The Fragile Connection Between Energy, Food, and Life

It's crucial to recognize that the current human population relies heavily on affordable food and abundant energy, predominantly fossil fuels. Yet, an alarming change is afoot: the avowed objective of climate proponents, Democrats, and the scientific community—previously responsible for assuring us of vaccine safety—is to dismantle these foundational pillars. The inevitable outcome of this endeavor is the global depopulation of humanity: no fuel means no farms, and no farms mean no food, ultimately leading to a world devoid of people. This disconcerting goal is openly acknowledged.

12 Incontestable Indicators of Globalist-Driven Genocide

  1. Terraforming Earth Through Atmospheric Alterations: Efforts to alter Earth's chemistry, eliminating CO2, are underway. This, however, would devastate life, as CO2 is crucial for photosynthesis, the basis of Earth's web of life.
  2. WorldCoin's Biometric Inventory: The WorldCoin initiative scans eyeballs to create an encryption key based on biometrics, effectively creating a digital human inventory. This aids in tracking depopulation milestones.
  3. Erosion of Education: Modern education lacks practical skills and critical thinking, reflecting a lack of interest in preparing young generations for a productive future—a sign of bleak intentions.
  4. Controlled Demolition of Energy Infrastructure: Deliberate takedowns of energy systems lead to economic collapse and food scarcity, propelling civilization into chaos.
  5. Development of Anti-Human Bioweapons: Genetic bioweapons like the spike protein are designed to maim and kill, exposing a sinister agenda behind seemingly innocuous actions.
  6. Collapse of Seed Diversity: The centralization of food production by corporations destroys seed diversity, fostering engineered famine as a tool for control.
  7. Rapid Automation: Automation robots are supplanting blue-collar workers, leading to massive job displacement and societal upheaval.
  8. AI Replacing White-Collar Workers: Artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT are encroaching on jobs previously considered safe from automation.
  9. Endless COVID Injections: The CDC pushes for annual COVID shots, mirroring the flawed approach of annual flu shots.
  10. Geoengineering-Driven Famine: Geoengineering can manipulate weather patterns, causing crop damage and food scarcity on a global scale.
  11. Infertility Chemicals in Food: Chemicals like atrazine and glyphosate are present in the food supply, contributing to population decline.
  12. End of Debt-Based Economics: As debt-based economics crumble, cheap food and growth become untenable, heralding economic collapse and societal turmoil.

Unmasking the True Agenda

Beneath layers of deception, fraudulent science, and manipulated narratives lies a chilling agenda: the orchestrated genocide of the human race on a planetary scale. As the signs accumulate, it becomes increasingly evident that those in power are driving humanity toward a precipice, orchestrating a catastrophe that transcends conspiracy theories, affecting every aspect of our lives.

The only question that remains is whether we will recognize these indicators for what they are and take action to prevent the impending crisis. The survival of humanity hangs in the balance.

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