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Smartphone Technology Will Be Built Into Our Bodies by 2030, Says Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark

In a panel discussion during this year's World Economic Forum's annual meeting at Davos, Nokia CEO, and WEF contributor Pekka Lundmark made a bold prediction about the future of smartphone technology. According to Lundmark, by 2030, smartphones will be built directly into human bodies.

Although he expects 6G to be introduced by 2030, Lundmark doesn't think the smartphone will be the most common interface. Instead, he anticipates that many of these devices will be implanted directly into our bodies, eliminating the need for external devices.

Transhuman Body Augmentation

Lundmark did not specify exactly what he was referring to, but some companies, like Elon Musk's Neuralink, are working on producing electronic devices that can be implanted into the brain and used for communication with machines and other people. On a more basic level, microchips can be implanted into people's fingers and used to unlock things, as seen in Sweden.

Wearable Devices for Virtual and Augmented Reality

The World Economic Forum is also excited about developing wearable devices to facilitate virtual and augmented reality. Besides VR, WEF members have also stated that they're excited about the potential for augmented reality, specifically the holograms that could be produced using 6G.

Replacing Conventional Classrooms

The WEF hopes to see VR and the metaverse replace conventional classrooms, even though they note that this runs the risk of isolating students from in-person experiences. However, the WEF writes that "VR does somewhat limit human interaction if not appropriately monitored and introduced with a guided program and can cause isolation in younger generations."

Advancements in Technology

The World Economic Forum believes that advancements in technology have penetrated most sectors and transformed them administratively or in service delivery. According to a WEF article, these advancements' infiltration of education systems has become an increasing imperative.

Final Thoughts

According to Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark, smartphone technology will be incorporated into human bodies by 2030. This prediction is consistent with the WEF's enthusiasm for virtual and augmented reality, as well as their belief that technology should be integrated into all sectors, including education. As we look to the future, it will be interesting to see how these predictions play out and what other advancements we can expect.

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