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According to reports, the Red Cross has been distributing maps and guides to illegal immigrants at the US border, containing information on how to enter the country unlawfully while avoiding detection by law enforcement. The materials include tips on how to survive the journey, such as how to navigate the desert and disease, how to safely board trains, and where to find support in Mexico and Central America.

The documents obtained by The Daily Caller reveal that the Red Cross has been actively distributing these materials, which feature the logos of the International Committee of the Red Cross and the American Red Cross, to migrants seeking to enter cities like El Paso, McAllen, and Nogales. While the maps lead to cities along the US border, the organization also provides a guide on self-care during the journey, including information on how to obtain contraceptives.

The revelation has raised eyebrows, with some questioning why the Red Cross would prioritize providing contraceptive advice to women over more essential supplies like inhalers for asthmatics or diabetes medication for diabetics. According to Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb, this raises concerns about the safety and well-being of those seeking to cross the border.

The Red Cross's involvement in aiding and abetting illegal immigrants can be traced to its position on the board of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Food and Shelter program. The program disburses millions of dollars in taxpayer funds to various non-profit organizations that support illegal immigration into the country.

The organization's decision to distribute materials that facilitate illegal entry has contributed to a record surge in illegal migration, with over 2.3 million migrants encountered by federal authorities in the fiscal year 2022. To stem this tide, some have called for the Red Cross to stop distributing such materials and to instead discourage illegal migration altogether.

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