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Quebec Premier Calls for Closure of Irregular Border Crossings for Asylum Seekers

Quebec Premier Francois Legault has made a plea to the federal government to close the irregular border crossing at Roxham Road in southern Quebec. The call for closure comes after months of demanding that the government stop the flow of migrants into the country. Legault believes the situation has become untenable, as the number of asylum seekers entering Quebec has significantly increased, putting a strain on social services in the province. To address the problem, the premier called for new asylum seekers to be settled in other provinces while Quebec catches its breath. He also wants Ottawa to issue work permits and process refugee applications faster. In response to the premier's letter, federal Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to end the crossings at Roxham Road within a month.

The Situation at Roxham Road

Roxham Road is not an official border crossing, but many migrants have used it to enter Canada for several years. However, with the increasing number of asylum seekers entering Canada through this location, calls for its closure have become louder. Despite the unofficial status of Roxham Road, many migrants have entered Canada through this route, leading to concerns about the ability of social services in Quebec to accommodate their needs. The Quebec government is concerned that the influx of asylum seekers will continue to put a strain on the housing, education, and social services sectors.

Calls for Closure

Quebec Premier Francois Legault has called on the federal government to close Roxham Road, citing the exploding number of would-be refugees entering Quebec. He believes that it is becoming increasingly difficult to receive asylum seekers with dignity and that the federal government should settle new asylum seekers in other provinces capable of supporting them with dignity while Quebec catches its breath. Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre supports the call for closure, calling on the prime minister to create a plan to end the crossings at Roxham Road within a month.

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