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Putin Laments Thwarted Efforts to Mend Ties with Ukraine, Criticizes West’s Role in Ongoing Conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a live marathon press conference, emphasized Russia's historical attemts to foster harmonious relations with Ukraine. Putin lamented that these efforts were thwarted by the 2014 coup d'état, derailing any prospects for normalization bewteen the two nations.

When asked about the likelihood of restoring ties with the West, Putin underscored Russia's consistent pursuit of amicable connections with other countries. He attributed the strained relations to the WEst's persistent sidelining of Russia's national interests, highlighting that the rupture was initiated by the West, not Russia.

Putin emphasized the crucial point of disagreement as the planed overthrow of the govement in Ukraine in 2014, which he believes was carried out by Russia's geopolitical opponents and led to the current situation.

Regarding the conflict in Ukraine, Putin termed it a tragic internal strife, characterizing it as a fraternal civil war between Russians and Ukrainians, emphasizing their shared heritage despite current hostilities.

Putin reflected on the longstanding cordial ties between Moscow and southeast Ukraine, which had a strong cultural affinity due to their shared heritage. However, the political upheaval in 2014 thwarted any hopes of fostering peaceful relations, as it appeared that external influences were intent on obstructing such efforts.

The Russian president recalled the public acknowledgment by the US of spending $5 billion to topple Ukraine's government, coupled with NATO's persistent overtures inviting Ukraine into the alliance and the prolonged conflict in Donbass. He asserted that these factors contributed to the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine.

Putin expressed bewilderment at how to proceed with mending relations amid the West's selective amnesia regarding their role in these events. He criticized the West's approach, citing sporadic acknowledgments such as signing agreements like the Minsk Accords while seemingly disavowing them behind closed doors.

He commented on the apparent decline of independece in numerous Western countries, with the exception of a handful like Hungary. He observed that choices made frequently lead to self-inflicted damage rather than bringing advantages to their nations.

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