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Putin Declares Barack Obama a ‘Legitimate Military Target’ After Moscow Attack

In a chilling response to the recent Moscow concert hall bombings claimed by ISIS, Russian President Vladimir Putin has unleashed what can only be described as "cold rage." According to insider sources within the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), the Kremlin has issued a stern warning to Washington, asserting that former President Barack H. Obama, often dubbed as the architect of ISIS in Moscow, is now considered a legitimate military target.

Unveiling the Kremlin's Wrath

Putin's resolve remains unshaken until those responsible, including the masterminds behind the barbaric act, are brought to justice.

Delving into the Aftermath

The devastating attack at Moscow's Crocus concert hall left over 140 innocent lives lost, including three children, and hundreds more wounded. The nation plunged into mourning as rescue efforts persisted amidst the rubble, with families clinging to hope for their loved ones' survival.

Suspicions Arise

With ISIS swiftly claiming responsibility for the carnage, questions mount about the Biden administration's foreknowledge of the terrorist plot. Reports suggest that prior to the attack, U.S. officials discreetly cautioned citizens to avoid large gatherings in Moscow, hinting at possible complicity in the tragic events.

Putin's Stance

Contrary to mainstream narratives, Putin refuses to solely attribute blame to ISIS, unveiling deeper geopolitical machinations. He asserts that ISIS, purportedly a mere pawn in the hands of globalist agendas, must face the consequences for their actions.

Uncovering Connections

Revelations point to intricate ties between ISIS, Ukraine's regime under Zelensky, and Western powers, particularly the Obama administration. Putin's long-standing battle against ISIS in Syria sheds light on the covert support provided to radical elements by previous U.S. administrations.

Pursuit of Justice

As Putin intensifies efforts to hold perpetrators accountable, figures like Barack Obama find themselves squarely in the crosshairs of justice. Accused of aiding and abetting terrorism, Obama's legacy as an enabler of violence faces unprecedented scrutiny.

Fragmenting Alliances

Amidst legal proceedings in Russia, signs emerge of fractures within Obama's coalition of supporters. The unraveling of alliances underscores the inherent contradictions and moral bankruptcy of those who once wielded power with impunity.


As the wheels of justice turn, Putin's resolute stance against terrorism sends a stark message to the world. No individual, regardless of stature or political influence, is immune from accountability for fostering chaos and bloodshed on a global scale.

In the wake of tragedy, the pursuit of truth and justice remains paramount, transcending geopolitical divides and holding perpetrators accountable for their actions.

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