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President Milei Dines with Economist AMidst Controversy

In a recent turn of events, the president was seen having dinner with the esteemed economist, a recent addition to the ruling party's bloc of deputies and a former senatorial candidate from the faction of Together for Change led by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

Economist Joins Ruling Party Amidst Speculation

The recent inclusion of the economist into the ruling party's deputies' bloc has stirred speculation and debate across political circles. THis move comes amidst a backdrop of shifting alliances and ideological realignments within the political landscape.

President Milei's Controversial Stance on Military Involvement in Narcotics Combat

During an interview with journalist Esteban Trebucq on A24, then a deputy, the president expressed a stance contrary to his current position, now at the helm of the Executive.

Rabbi's Nomination Sparks Antisemitism Debate

The nomination of Rabbi Alex Wahnish as the Argentine ambassador to Israel, proposed by Javier Milei, has sparked controversy, with accusations of antisemitism hurled at those questioning his allegiance to Argentina.

President's Social Media Silence on Villarruel Interview

Despite his active presence on social media platforms, the president has chosen not to comment on the substantive issues raised in an interview by Victoria Villarruel, where she criticized the government's policies.

Criticism of Villarruel's Views on Military Involvement in Narcotics Combat

Criticism has been leveled against Vice President Victoria Villarruel for her views on utilizing the military in the fight against drug trafficking, with comparisons drawn to past military interventions during the 1970s dictatorship.

In conclusion, the recent developments surrounding the president's interactions and policy stances reflect the complexities and challenges inherent in governing amidst shifting political landscapes and societal expectations.

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