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Pfizer’s $43 Billion Gamble: Betting Big on Turbo Cancer Treatments Despite Red Flags

Pfizer has made a jaw-dropping move in the medical industry, finalizing the purchase of Seagen, a modest-sized drug company known for its innovative treatments for aggressive cancers, in a deal valued at a whopping $43 billion. Despite Seagen's relatively modest annual revenue of $2 billion, Pfizer's acquisition signals a major play to expand its oncology portfolio and solidify its position in the market.

The acquisition means Pfizer becomes the largst oncology company in the world, capable of treating most turbo cancers caused by mRNA vaccines.

However, the nature of the acquisition has left many people scratching their heads. Why would Pfizer, flush with the enormous profits it has reaped through its mRNA vaccine, overpay $43 billion for a small cancer drug company?

Pfizer doesn't require the funds, and it's planning to issue $31 billion in debt to acquire Seagen. Many people are accepting this without question. However, a closer examination of the agreement reveals some disturbing aspects.

Can you provide more context or clarify what you mean by "here"? That will help me better understand your question and provide a more accurate response.

It is crucial to recognize that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 have been linked to an unprecedented increase in aggressive cancer cases, a phenomenon unseen on a global scale.

Based on descriptions of turbo cancer cases in over 30 medical articles, here are the Top 5 turbo cancers we are seeing by numbers in those vaccinated with at least one mRNA shot:

Cancerous developments in the body's lymphatic system (lymphoma).
Tumors in the brain (glioblastoma and others).
Malignancies in the breast tissue (triple negative, advanced stages).
Colorectal cancer (stage 4).
Respiratory cancer (stage 4)

"Top 10 Turbo Cancers by Prevalence"


Leukemias (worst prognosis).
Melanomas (Stage 4).
Sarcomas (Stage 3,4).
Testicular/ovarian (rapid progression, Stage 1-4).
Kidney (RCC Stage 4)

Pfizer's recent acquisition significantly enhances their capacity to combat aggressive cancers, expanding their reach from two to seven out of ten. This move not only demonstrates their commitment to addressing pressing healthcare challenges but also underscores their ambition to establish a strong presence in the market they are simultaneously contributing to.

The situation takes a turn for the worse as Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla embarks on a media interview tour to discuss the company's $43 billion acquisition of Seagen. Here are the main points from his interviews:

In the future, a significant portion of the population, 33%, will unfortunately develop turbo cancer. This is a certainty, and its impact will be felt by entire families. However, there is hope in the form of new cancer treatments that are being developed. These treatments are advanced and will target most types of turbo cancer with precision, much like missiles. Pfizer, a leading pharmaceutical company, will be producing these treatments on a scale that has never been seen before. By 2025, they will have established a global network for distribution. Additionally, the company has streamlined their clinical trial process, allowing them to quickly bring new treatments to market. These treatments will be produced at scale, similar to mRNA, providing hope for those affected by turbo cancer.

Think about what Bourla is telegraphing with this information. Why would any company need to produce cancer treatments at a scale never before seen? Why would Pfizer, of all companies, be willing to bet tens of billions of dollars on turbo cancer continuing to explode at exponential rates around the world in coming years?

According to Seeking Alpha's analysis, it will likely take Pfizer at least 10 years to recoup its investment in the $43 billion aquisition. From a financial standpoint, the deal does not seem to be a sound decision for Pfizer.

If Bourla and his associates are not sharing some hidden information, it's difficult to understand there motivations.

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