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New York Mayor Urges Citizens to Reduce Meat Consumption for Climate Change

New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, has joined the global climate movement and is urging New Yorkers to reduce their meat consumption as a means of combating climate change. Adams is advocating for the reduction of animal-based carbon emissions by 2030, which coincides with the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 program.

According to Adams, food is the third-largest contributor to the city's emissions, following buildings and transportation. He believes that meat and dairy products are major contributors to the city's emission crisis. In a speech, Adams declared that a plant-based diet is better for both physical and mental health, citing his own experience as living proof.

The campaign against meat consumption is presented as a lifestyle suggestion, but it is also being touted as a health and climate crisis. The ultimate goal is to ban meat altogether or make it so expensive through carbon taxation and regulation that only the wealthy can afford to consume it. The UN has openly admitted to the objective of creating a meatless world.

The World Economic Forum has suggested harvesting protein from insects and utilizing soy-based meat substitutes as alternatives to meat. However, these options may not be appealing to everyone, particularly those who prefer traditional meat products.

Far-left city and state governments are using localized policies to achieve long-term nationwide controls, and their actions serve as a litmus test for future authoritarianism.

In conclusion, reducing meat consumption can be a significant step but it should not be forced upon individuals. People should have the freedom to choose what they consume.

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