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Mayor Urges Romantic Gestures to Boost Birth Rates in Southern Russian City

Nevinnomyssk Mayor's Unconventional Call to Address Low Birth Rates

Mikhail Minenkov, the mayor of Nevinnomyssk in southern Russia, has made an unconventional plea, urging men to take a surprising approach to increase the city's birth rates. In a video posted on his Telegram channel, MInenkov emphasized the need for a higher number of births in the city, where only around 700 children are born annually.

Identifying Reasons for Low Birth Rates

Minenkov acknowledged various reasons for the low birth rates, including financial concerns and individuals prioritizing personal goals over starting a family. He expressed concern that such trends could lead to societal degradation, emphasizing the importance of a larger population for success in all aspects.

The Mayor's Unique Proposal

In an effort to encourage more births, Minenkov made a light-hearted yet unconventional suggestion to the male population. He encouraged men to "sneak up" on their partners this evening with the aim of increasing the city's birth rate. He humorously proposed that in nine months, the city should witness the birth of not just 700 but 10,000 children.

The Call for Romanticism

Minenkov emphasized that increasing birth rates requires a commitment to romance. He suggested that individuals should prioritize falling in love and shared that not sleeping, eating, or drinking, but instead focusing on love, is the key to boosting population growth.

Addressing Potential Perceptions

While acknowledging that his comments might sound "naive and funny," Minenkov stood by his belief that encouraging childbearing is essential for the development of the city, the region, and Russia as a whole.

Demographic Statistics and Future Projections

Recent statistics from Rosstat revealed a decrease in the natural population decline in Russia. The agency's demographic forecast for 2046 presented both optimistic and pessimistic scenarios, with the population potentially growing or declining based on various factors.

Minenkov's unique approach to addressing low birth rates reflects a novel perspective on encouraging population growth, emphasizing the role of romance and personal commitment in shaping the city's future.

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