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Mass Recall Issued for Nearly 400K Refrigerators Amid Plastic Contamination Concerns

Frigidaire, a trusted name in home appliances, has taken a significant step by issuing a recall for around 383,240 side-by-side refrigerators. The reason behind this move? Reports have surfaced regarding potential plastic contamination in the ice, raising concerns about choking hazards and potential injuries.

The Issue UNveiled: Ice Bucket Component Breakage

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently shed light on a critical issue with these refrigerators. It appears that the ice buckets within these units might contain a component prone to breakage, leading to plastic pieces finding their way into the ice-- a situation no one wants to encounter, especially when serving up chilled beverages or making ice-cold treats.

Electrolux Takes Action: Responding to Reports

As the parent company of Frigidaire, Electrolux has been swift in its response to the issue. With a staggering 343 reports of plastic breakage in the ice bucket, it's clear that immediate action was necessary. Tragically, there have even been reports of consumers sustaining injuries, either from contact with the plastic or, even worse, ingesting it.

Affected Models and Sales Outlets

The impacted refrigerators were not obscure models tucked away in some niche market. Quite the contrary, they were readily available at major retailers like Home Depot and Lowe's, as well as Frigidaire's own website. These units were on sale between 2015 and 2019, with prices ranging from $1,400 to $2,400-- a significant investment for any household.

Models Under the Recall Radar

If you're wondering whether your refrigerator falls under this recall, here are the models affected: DGHK2355TF, DGHX2655TF, FFSC2323TS, FGSC2335TD, FGSC2335TF, FGSS2635TD, FGSS2635TE, FGSS2635TF, FGSS2635TP, FPSC2277RF, FPSC2278UF, FPSS2677RF, LFSC2324VF, LGHK2336TD, LGHK2336TF, LGHX2636TD, and LGHX2636TF.

Industry Trends and Safety Concerns

This recall isn't an isolated incident but rather part of a larger trend within the industry. Just last summer, Frigidaire had to recall thousands of washer-dryer combination units due to fire hazards-- an equally serious concern for homeowners. Additionally, in 2022, over 150,000 GE refrigerators faced a recall due to the risk of freezer handle detachment, posing yet another safety hazard.

In conclusion, while recalls like these are undoubtedly concerning, they also serve as reminders of the importance of thorough quality control and consumer safety standards within the appliance industry. As consumers, it's crucial to stay informed about product recalls and take apropriate action to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones from potential harm.

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