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Land Grab and Environmental Deception: The Dark Side of “Green” Energy in the American Midwest

The American Midwest is currently witnessing a distressing trend as purportedly "green" energy companies exploit eminent domain laws to forcefully acquire private properties. These companies, under the guise of environmental preservation, are constructing pipelines to capture and eliminate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The state of South Dakota has become the latest battleground, where Summit Carbon Solutions, a company seeking to monopolize land for its pipeline project, is attempting to seize properties belonging to 80 landowners, including Jared Bossly, whose family has owned their farm for four generations.

Land Takeover Tactics

Summit Carbon Solutions is resorting to unethical tactics in its pursuit of Bossly's land, while Republican Governor Kristi Noem turns a blind eye to the injustice. Video footage shared by Greg Price from the State Freedom Caucus Network shows the company's surveyors trespassing into Bossly's home and shop, before encroaching upon his land without permission. These actions were conducted while only Bossly's wife was present. The company's actions are an affront to property rights and the well-being of the affected landowners.

The Devastation of Farmers and Their Families

Bossly, determined to protect his property, requested that the Summit Carbon Solutions representatives leave and return only with the permission and in the presence of law enforcement. In response, the company falsely accused Bossly of threatening their lives. Now, they are taking legal action against Bossly, seeking a restraining order to prohibit him from accessing his own land.

According to Bossly, the pipeline project necessitates traversing through various farms in the area. Price describes these invasions as reminiscent of scenes from "Blazing Saddles," with armed security personnel appearing as a show of intimidating force. Sadly, the Republican leadership in South Dakota has abandoned the farmers, as bills aimed at protecting landowners from eminent domain have failed, likely due to Summit Carbon Solutions' connections with influential GOP donors.

Environmental Exploitation and Political Connections

Summit Carbon Solutions enjoys significant financial backing, including investments from foreign entities. Furthermore, they benefit from substantial federal tax credits for carbon capture, as expanded by the "Inflation Reduction Act" passed under President Joe Biden's administration. Despite the dire circumstances faced by farmers, the plight of these individuals and their families has received minimal attention outside of local media.

Bossly's distress is palpable, fearing the loss of the farm he had planned to pass down to his children, just as his family had done for generations. Every penny he earns is dedicated to maintaining and improving the land, such as planting trees to provide a windbreak for his cattle. However, Summit Carbon Solutions intends to bulldoze these trees to make room for their carbon capture pipeline, further exacerbating the devastation inflicted upon these farmers.


The disturbing reality of land grabs and environmental deception in the American Midwest must be brought to light. As "green" energy companies manipulate eminent domain laws, farmers like Jared Bossly face the loss of their livelihoods, heritage, and the ability to secure a prosperous future for their descendants. The exploitation of political connections, foreign investments, and generous tax credits underscores the systemic corruption at play. It is crucial for public awareness and advocacy to shed light on these injustices, ensuring that the plight of these farmers receives the attention and support it deserves. Only then can we protect the rights and welfare of those affected and hold accountable those responsible for this land grab in the name of "green" energy.

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