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Japan’s Apology to the Unvaccinated: A Reckoning for the Global Elite

Japan has formally apologized to its unvaccinated citizens, admitting that the government succumbed to pressure from international elites. They employed "totalitarian" psychological tactics to manipulate the public during the pandemic, leading to widespread distress and division.

An Unprecedented Apology

In a shocking revelation, Japanese officials have confessed that billions of vaccinated individuals might soon face dire consequences, likening the impending crisis to an event worse than the Holocaust. This acknowledgment signals a turning point, as Japan prepares to confront a catastrophic aftermath and demands accountability from those responsible.

The Unraveling Truth

As deaths among the vaccinated continue to surge, the Japanese populace is increasingly vocal against the elite forces that orchestrated the pandemic. The truth is emerging, leaving the perpetrators with nowhere to hide.

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Government Compliance and Psychological Warfare

During the Covid pandemic, governments worldwide aligned, coercing their citizens into compliance with draconian measures, including unscientific mask mandates and experimental mRNA treatments. This period will be remembered for the misleading claims and fearmongering propagated by global leaders.

False Predictions and Regrets

Contrary to the dire predictions, the unvaccinated did not suffer a catastrophic winter of illness and death. Instead, vaccinated individuals now face a myriad of health problems, seeking remedies for conditions like turbo cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and sudden deaths. These outcomes raise questions about the motives and integrity of influential figures like Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, and Bill Gates.

Media Silence and Big Pharma’s Influence

Despite the increasing number of adverse effects among the vaccinated, mainstream media remains silent, largely due to its financial ties with Big Pharma. However, Japan is breaking this silence, as its citizens rise against the pandemic's orchestrators.

A Nationwide Protest

Recently, millions of Japanese citizens protested against globalist organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Economic Forum (WEF), condemning their actions during the pandemic. Former Japanese Minister for Internal Affairs, Kazuhiro Haraguchi, delivered a heartfelt apology for the deaths resulting from the mRNA vaccine rollout.

Economic Interests Over Public Health

In his speech, Haraguchi disclosed the government's decision to ban Ivermectin, a drug developed by Dr. Satoshi Omura, which could have mitigated the pandemic's impact. This decision prioritized economic interests over the well-being of the public, highlighting a grave misstep in pandemic management.

Conclusion: A Call for Accountability

Japan's admission and apology mark a significant moment in the global response to the pandemic. It underscores the need for transparency, accountability, and a reevaluation of public health priorities to prevent future tragedies. As Japan leads the charge, the world watches closely, hoping for justice and a better approach to health crises in the future.

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