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Is the UN’s “Digital Army” the New Sheriff in Online Town? Unveiling UN’s Control Over Web Content, Online Censorship, Globalist Agenda

Well, well, it seems the UN is all set to be the digital bouncer of the online party, making sure only the "approved" dance moves are allowed on the virtual dance floor. With their impressive "Verified" initiative, they're ready to educate us poor mortals on how to dodge the incoming fake news bullets. It's like having a superhero team ensuring that only their version of reality gets a standing ovation, and anything else is tossed into the virtual trash bin. What a relief to know that the UN's "peacekeeping" now extends to maintaining the peace of mind that comes with a controlled narrative. Kudos, UN, for taking the digital world by storm with your authoritative "truthiness."

The unelected, globalist-controlled ruling body known as the United Nations (UN) has embarked on a concerning endeavor - the creation of a digital army tasked with monitoring and censoring free speech on the internet. What's more alarming is that this initiative is funded by your hard-earned tax dollars.

Aligning the Narrative: UN's Quest Against Online Misinformation

In a bid to assert itself as a global leader in combating online misinformation, the UN has taken it upon itself to mold the collective human consciousness into a controlled information ecosystem, orchestrated by the globalist agenda.

Gone are the days when individuals could freely exchange information online, even if it contradicted established narratives. Any content that challenges the official stance on a given topic is now labeled as "deadly disinformation," warranting its removal from the digital realm.

A statement on the UN's official website asserts that all forms of "disinformation" are not just harmful, but pose an "existential" threat to the foundational pillars of modern society as defined by the globalist body.

Upholding Control: Globalists' Pursuit of Dominance

In order to maintain their dominance, the globalists must exercise complete control over "democratic institutions" and the so-called "fundamental human rights" they claim to uphold.

(Relevant: If the UN succeeds, it could place communist China in charge of global internet governance.)

Militant Rhetoric: UN's Strikingly Aggressive Approach

The UN's stance has evolved from merely appending warnings or "fact-checks" to content flagged as "fake news" on social media platforms and search engines. Their new objective is clear: silence any dissenting voice. They employ war-like language, likening the endeavor to a "battlefield" and a "war."

In the view of the UN's leadership, free speech and the First Amendment pose a direct challenge to their established hierarchy. Consequently, they've declared war on individuals who dare to question or disseminate information that threatens their control.

Curiously, the UN's combative rhetoric mirrors that of Joe Biden's administration, which has exhibited a strong penchant for censorship. Many of the UN's proposed "solutions" to combat "misinformation" mirror the tactics employed by Biden and his team during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Targeting Information Freedom: UN's New Agenda

As part of their "peacekeeping" agenda, the UN intends to swiftly and decisively quash "large-scale misinformation." This would include content that questions the validity of concepts like COVID-19 or the effectiveness of masks.

The UN aims to adopt a more "proactive" approach to curb free speech, suggesting that this approach be extended to regions like war-ravaged and poverty-stricken Africa, which they claim is also under attack from free thought.

The Arrogance of Control: Globalists' Vision of Reality

The globalist elite hold the belief that their understanding of reality is unparalleled. They consider themselves the chosen guides for humanity, entrusted with the responsibility of steering society towards "right-think" and "right-speak."

This perspective drives the UN's "Verified" initiative, a "free" course designed to "educate" the masses on safeguarding themselves against "misinformation."

Taking Aim at Climate Change Discourse

The UN's Verified initiative also extends its reach to combat "misinformation" related to climate change. The globalist body asserts that the world is currently in a "climate emergency," necessitating substantial sacrifices in quality of life to address the crisis.

"In the battle for a sustainable planet, the real struggle lies in shaping the narrative—an endeavor we ignore at our own peril," the UN asserts.

In conclusion, the UN's ambitious bid to curtail free speech and control online narratives has set off alarm bells. Their militaristic rhetoric and globalist agenda seek to reshape the way information is disseminated and received. As we navigate this landscape, the battle for information freedom and the right to dissent becomes ever more critical.

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