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Is the British Army Investigating Colonels for Simply Acknowledging Women’s Existence?

Well, who would have thought that in this day and age, even the mere acknowledgment of women's existence could land a high-ranking colonel in the crosshairs of an investigation? It seems like the British Army has taken political correctness to a whole new level. Perhaps soon, they'll be scrutinizing officers for stating that the sky is blue or that water is wet. Oh, the brave new world we live in, where expressing a dissenting opinion can lead to early retirement and a shattered pension. What a time to be alive!

Dr. Kelvin Wright, an esteemed Army Reservist commanding officer, recently made the difficult decision to prematurely relinquish his position in the British Army. This article delves into the circumstances surrounding his resignation and the broader implications for free speech within the institution. With 14 years of unblemished service, including two tours in Afghanistan, Dr. Wright's honorable career was tarnished by a transphobia complaint, resulting in a distressing investigation.

The Accusation and Investigation

Dr. Wright, a dedicated physician, expressed his gender-critical views on his private Facebook account. He shared a quote from Fair Play for Women, a prominent group advocating for the preservation of women's sports. The quote, by feminist campaigner Helen Joyce, emphasized the importance of women being able to assert, "men cannot be women" in public spaces, as a fundamental aspect of women's rights.

Unfortunately, this seemingly innocuous act triggered a chain of events that led to a junior officer expressing concerns about the post's potential conflict with the Ministry of Defence's transgender policies. Individuals, Dr. Wright referred to as the Army's "LGBT champions" proceeded to compile a dossier on his supposed "substandard behavior." Disturbingly, Dr. Wright was denied access to view this dossier, heightening the distress caused by the investigation.

Premature Retirement and Honor Besmirched

Despite his dedicated service to the Army, Dr. Wright found himself entangled in a formal investigation that besmirched his honor. The anguish caused by this "hellish" ordeal prompted him to make the difficult decision to retire six years earlier than planned, in turn, impacting his total Army pension. Such a drastic measure highlights the profound toll the investigation took on Dr. Wright's well-being.

The State of Free Speech in the Army

This incident raises critical questions about the state of free speech within institutions like the Army. Dr. Wright's introspective query, "What message does it send to women in the Army, that merely for noting the existence of women and women's rights even a colonel can be placed under investigation?" exposes the potentially chilling effect such investigations can have on open discourse and the expression of differing viewpoints.

Furthermore, it is imperative to scrutinize whether the atmosphere within the Army has become so restrictive that there is no longer room for genuine dialogue, debate, or the sharing of perspectives that may not align with certain policies. A healthy organization should encourage diversity of thought and foster an environment where individuals feel safe expressing their beliefs without fear of retribution.


The premature resignation of Dr. Kelvin Wright, a distinguished Army Reservist commanding officer, due to a transphobia complaint and subsequent investigation, underscores the need to examine the state of free speech within institutions like the British Army. It is essential to strike a balance between ensuring respect and inclusivity while also preserving the right to express differing opinions. Failure to navigate this delicate balance risks stifling open dialogue and may create an environment that discourages individuals from freely expressing their thoughts and concerns. As society progresses, it is crucial to foster an atmosphere of tolerance, understanding, and mutual respect, where diverse perspectives can be embraced and constructive discussions can thrive.

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