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Is Jacinda Ardern the Expert Harvard Needs to Address Algorithmic Harms and Online Extremism?

It seems Harvard has found its ultimate savior in Jacinda Ardern, the defender of truth and unity – at least, that's what they claim. With her expertise in algorithmic harms and online extremism and her exceptional evidence-based policies during the pandemic (because who doesn't love strict lockdowns and lost cricket balls?), she's undoubtedly the beacon of hope we all needed. I mean, who wouldn't trust someone associated with Facebook, Google, and the World Economic Forum to protect our privacy and foster a harmonious society? What a time to be alive, folks! insert eye roll here

Former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has been granted a prestigious fellowship at Harvard University, marking her as the first Knight Tech Governance Leadership Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center. Her role aims to tackle the growing concerns of "algorithmic harms" and online extremism. In this article, we will explore Ardern's appointment, her evidence-based qualifications, and the controversies surrounding her policies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Addressing Algorithmic Harms and Online Extremism

As the Berkman Klein Center introduces Jacinda Ardern as its first Knight Tech Governance Leadership Fellow, it is clear that she intends to focus on addressing online harms and violent extremism, utilizing emerging technologies like AI. The proliferation of generative AI tools poses new challenges for governance, particularly in protecting against algorithmic harms.

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The Censorship-Industrial Complex and Arden's Championing Role

Ardern's appointment comes amidst a backdrop of a "Censorship-Industrial Complex," an extensive network of state-sanctioned "fact-checkers" aiming to suppress populist and alternative views on the internet and social media platforms. This complex seeks to manipulate public opinion using psychological methods and sophisticated AI tools. Ardern's involvement as a champion of this complex raises concerns about freedom of information and the potential repercussions of surveillance and suppression on society.

Examining Ardern's Evidence-Based Qualifications

While Ardern's appointment is presented as a recognition of her veracity and expertise in mitigating harm, it is crucial to scrutinize her evidence-based qualifications. Her data-driven public health policies during the COVID-19 crisis led to divisions in New Zealand, creating a two-class society of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. The strict lockdowns and vaccine mandates she implemented resulted in social polarization and discriminatory attitudes.

Prejudice and Discrimination Due to Policies

Studies have shown that the prejudice against the unvaccinated caused by measures like Ardern's "evidence-based public health policies" extends beyond borders and mirrors discrimination faced by minority populations. The policies not only failed to achieve their intended goal of eliminating the virus but also left a legacy of division and societal damage. Policymakers like Ardern should strive to avoid stigmatizing policies that further divide societies.

The Role of Politicians in Managing Crises

To effectively manage crises, leaders like Ardern should refrain from fueling animosity among citizens. Avoiding divisive policies that degrade the fabric of society should be a priority, promoting unity and cooperation during challenging times. However, this approach is often uncommon among the leadership caste of the liberal consensus, which Ardern became a symbol of, despite the divisive nature of her measures.

The Politics of Harm and the Current Operating System

The designation of people as enemies of power is a deliberate feature of the current political system, as evidenced by the stringent measures employed by governments like Ardern's. These measures harm social cohesion and may lead to long-term negative effects on well-being and trust in the state. While Ardern's capability in combating "algorithmic harms" remains unclear, her role as a Harvard fellow highlights her involvement in the weaponization of fear and suppression of information.

Ar dern's Role in a Vast Informational War

Jacinda Ardern's new role at the Berkman Klein Center should not be taken lightly. She appears to be a loyal servant in an information war against the common people of the West, orchestrated by influential entities such as Facebook, Google, and the World Economic Forum. The ultimate goal is to erode privacy through total surveillance, and Ardern's appointment seems fitting for such a task.


Jacinda Ardern's appointment as a Knight Tech Governance Leadership Fellow at Harvard University raises questions about her qualifications and the controversies surrounding her policies. While she aims to address algorithmic harms and online extremism, her evidence-based public health policies during the COVID-19 crisis created divisions and discrimination. As politicians tackle societal challenges, it is crucial to promote unity and avoid policies that harm the fabric of society. Ardern's new role in a vast informational war highlights the potential consequences of suppressing freedom of information.

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