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Is Apple’s Cash-Withdrawal Restriction Signaling a Secret Social Credit Score System?

Discover why Apple's restrictive policies on cash withdrawals are causing alarm among users and fueling speculation about a secret social credit score system.

Apple, the renowned Big Tech giant, has recently ignited controversy by preventing users from withdrawing cash from their own bank accounts. This unexpected move has led to growing concerns that Apple may be operating a covert social credit score system, punishing non-compliant users with low scores. Reports suggest that following the launch of their savings account service in collaboration with Goldman Sachs, Apple has imposed severe limitations on users' access to their own money.

Restricting User Access: A Troubling Trend

Nathan Thacker, a resident of Atlanta, shared his frustration with The Wall Street Journal, revealing his unsuccessful attempts to transfer $1,700 from his Apple account to his JPMorgan Chase bank account. Despite reaching out to Goldman Sachs multiple times, Thacker was simply advised to wait for the situation to resolve itself. It was only when The Wall Street Journal intervened on his behalf that he gained access to his funds.

Similarly, Kevin Smyth, hailing from Minnesota, voiced his grievances directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook via Twitter. Smyth questioned whether Apple intended to collaborate with a bank that holds people's life savings hostage. Smyth had been struggling to transfer $10,000 from his Apple account to U.S. Bank since May 16. After an arduous battle with both Apple and Goldman Sachs, he managed to retrieve his entire life savings of $200,000 and transferred it back to American Express.

Social Media Backlash: Customers Demand Answers

Numerous Apple savings customers have taken to social media platforms to express their frustration with similar withdrawal and transfer problems. A recurring theme emerges: while Apple and Goldman Sachs have no qualms about accepting customers' funds, they seem unable or unwilling to return the money when requested. One disgruntled customer cautioned others against setting up direct deposits using an Apple savings account, citing personal experiences of waiting 3-4 weeks to access their funds. The situation has left many questioning the integrity of these institutions.

Money Vanishing Act: The Troubling Reality

The Wall Street Journal reported instances where Apple savings customers initiate a transfer, only for their funds to disappear, never reaching the intended bank account. Goldman Sachs dismisses this issue as affecting only a "limited" number of customers, a claim that fails to alleviate concerns. Unfortunately, as has become customary, these glitches tend to disadvantage customers while benefiting the Big Banks and Big Tech companies.

Deceptive Promises: The Bait and Switch

Apple enticed users into this scheme by offering an attractive 4.15 percent annual yield, surpassing the standard interest rates of mainstream banks. The company also marketed fee-free banking and unlimited withdrawals to lure customers. However, once individuals fall victim to this deception, they find themselves trapped in a struggle to regain access to their funds from these predatory entities. It has become evident that Apple and Goldman Sachs, known for their insatiable greed, rank among the most unethical corporations globally.

In response to public backlash, a Goldman Sachs spokesperson attempted to gaslight the public, claiming that the new Savings account for Apple Card users has not only been successful but has exceeded expectations. While the majority of customers experience no delays in transferring funds, a select few encounter delays due to security measures in place to protect their accounts. The spokesperson emphasized Goldman Sachs' commitment to ensuring a seamless customer experience while safeguarding deposits.

Conclusion: Upholding User Trust and Financial Freedom

The recent actions of Apple in blocking users from accessing their own bank accounts have raised significant concerns about the company's practices and intentions. Users rightfully expect transparency, trust, and prompt access to their funds. Apple's restrictive policies have triggered speculation about the existence of a secret social credit score system, creating unease among users. It is essential for Apple to address these concerns, rectify the withdrawal and transfer issues promptly, and rebuild user trust. Financial freedom and the security of personal funds should never be compromised.

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