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Is Alameda Ready for “The Big One”? Experts Warn of Impending Earthquake

According to the findings of a team of specialists, the Bay Area is at a significant threat of being hit by a devastating earthquake within the next seven years. According to research that was compiled by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the cataclysmic event that seismologists refer to as the "Big One" might result in devastating outcomes for the town of Alameda.

As a result of the addition of hundreds of acres of reclaimed land over the course of the previous century, the once-small city, which was formerly a peninsula adjacent to Oakland, has expanded tremendously in size. However, the endeavor to reclaim the land was initiated in the early 1900s, which prompted experts to request that the town of around 76,000 review its preparedness for an earthquake. The head of seismic sciences at the USGS issued a warning that the city faces the possibility of falling in on itself in the event that a quake does finally strike, with Alameda being in a position to absorb the brunt of the calamity.

The majority of the town's landmass, which spans a distance of six miles and is around six miles broad, is at risk of liquefaction, which is the result of intense shaking that causes water-logged soil to behave like a liquid. There is a good chance that the wet marshland that was pushed up from the bottom of San Francisco Bay in the early part of the previous century was not packed down appropriately, which further increased the possibility of a catastrophic event.

In addition, there are only five ports of entry into the town, and four of these are drawbridges that are generally constantly raised. This leaves potential evacuees with few alternatives for where they can go. Even the most prudent choice for rapidly departing the island, the subterranean Tube, which is an underwater tunnel leading to Oakland and is 3.5 miles long, is not a very safe alternative in the case of an earthquake.

image showing the amount of horizontal slippage along the San Andreas Fault during the 1906 earthquake

The politicians in charge of the town have failed to address the town's perilous placement, despite the repeated warnings of specialists. Experts are asking the municipality of Alameda to take immediate action to boost its earthquake preparation since inhabitants might potentially face the prospect of witnessing their community come crumbling down before the year 2030.

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