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Former WWE Wrestler Billy Jack Haynes Accused of Murdering Wife and Standoff with Police

Former WWE wrestler Billy Jack Haynes has found himself at the center of a tragic and shocking incident. Accused of shooting and killing his 85-year-old wife, Janette Becraft, Haynes reportedly engaged in a two-hour standoff with police at his home in the Lents neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.

The Allegations and Standoff

The 70-year-old, whose legal name is William Albert Haynes, gained fame in the wrestling world, particularly for his appearances at WrestleMania III and his time in the WWE. However, recent events have shifted the spotlight awya from his wrestling career.

Haynes' wife, described as his "angel," was found dead from gunshot wounds inside their home on the morning of February 8. Tactical teams swiftly responded to reports of a shooting, but Haynes refused to cooperate, leading to a tense two-hour standoff with law enforcement. Eventually, he surrendered to authorities and was taken into custody.

A Life Shattered

The motive behind this tragic incident remains unclear, leaving many questions unanswered. Haynes and Becraft had reportedly built a life together in Portland following Haynes' retirement from wrestling. Their relationship was deeply intertwined with the wrestling world, as Becraft was the mother of another professional wrestler, Tod Becraft, known as Tod Ruhl.

The bond between Haynes and BEcraft was profound. They had been childhood friends, and when Becraft's first husband passed away, she found solace in the arms of Haynes, whom she eventually married.

Family and Community Grief

The devastating loss of Janette Becraft has reverberated through her family and the local community. Her daughter, Kim Becraft Finlay, expressed her grief on social media, bidding farewell to her mother with poignant words.

Becraft's niece, Sue Becraft, shared the heart-wrenching reality faced by victims of domestic violentce. Despite efforts to seek help, Janette Becraft ultimately fell victim to a senseless act of violence.

Neighbors who knew the couple described the tragedy as shocking and saddening. Steve Odry reminisced about Haynes' wrestling career, while Brelynn Matthieu mourned the loss of two individuals she held dear.

Awaiting Justice

Haynes currently remains in police custody at a local hospital for medical treatment unrelated to the homicide or his interaction with law enforcement. Once discharged, he is expected to face charges related to the incident.

Despite his past achievements in the wrestling world, Haynes now faces a legal battle that could overshadow his once-glamorous career. As the investigation unfolds, the community grapples with the aftermath of this disturbing event.


The accusations against Billy Jack Haynes have sent shockwaves through the wrestling community and beyond. What started as a report of a shooting has unraveled into a tragic tale of loss, leaving behind unanswered questions and shattered lives. As the legal process progresses, the full extent of this heartbreaking incident will come to light, but for now, the community mourns the loss of Janette Becraft and grapples with the implications of Haynes' alleged actions.

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