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FDA Admits Some Kids As Young As 6 Months Got Double Dose Of Moderna’s Covid Jab

They went on to state that some doctor "might be withdrawing the entire contents of the vial to administer to a person." Grownups receive a dose of 0.50 mL.

Physician say that such an error might have extremely serious consequences.

" I stress over over-producing the spike protein and getting negative effects," Mumper said.

Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, a pediatrician and president and CEO of The Rimland Center for Integrative Medicine, told The Defender she had issues about the mistaken doses.

Even with the proper dosage, Mumper said, there is no guarantee that the infant or kid will make the "perfect" amount of spike protein to induce just the right amount of immune action.

Kids and infants may have erroneously received double the licensed dose of Moderna's so-called COVID-19 'vaccine'.

The Defender reports: The FDA did not elaborate on how it came over the information on dosing mistakes. Nevertheless, according to the advisory, the agency had actually "not recognized any security threats associated with administration of the higher dose in people 6 months through 11 years of age" and "no major negative occasions were determined related to a dosing error for the vaccine."

In an advisory released on November 1, the US Food and Drug Administration stated it "has actually realised that some healthcare providers might not acknowledge that the single dosage vial of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine (2023-2024 Formula) for use in individuals 6 months through 11 years of age contains notably more than 0.25 mL of the vaccine."

Mumper said a child who gets more than the suggested quantity "will have more exposure to synthetic modified RNA, lipid nanoparticles and potentially DNA plasmid contamination."

Dr. Renata Moon, also a pediatrician, informed The Defender:

" Hopefully, nurses are conscientious about following the instructions to only provide 0.25 mL," Mumper stated. "Administration errors vary depending upon the setting or experience of the nurse or medical assistant."

Vaccinators are instructed to draw no more than one dosage from single-use vials and not to integrate the leftovers from one vial with those from another to create a larger dosage.

Mumper said she called the Moderna helpline, as the package insert and FDA files do not suggest the amount of vaccine in the vials. She said Moderna informed her, "There is overfill to guarantee enough volume, however there is no quantity noted."

" The only suitable dose of this mRNA shot for children is no dosage. Children shouldn't be injected with it at all. We have an avalanche of highly concerning information regarding the dangers of this item.

The advisory advised doctor, parents, and caregivers with questions to email the company's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at ocod@fda.hhs.gov.

The Moderna item is packaged in 4 primary formats: a 0.25-milliliter pediatric single-dose vial, a 0.50-milliliter adult dose vial, a 0.50-milliliter prefilled syringe and a 2.5-milliliter vial containing 5 adult doses (primary or booster).

" Experienced, frontline physicians are being censored, silenced, and threatened for speaking up. Our country's kids should have better."

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