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F-22 fighter pilot used a $400,000 AIM-9 Sidewinder missile …

An F-22 fighter pilot utilized a $400,000 AIM-9 Sidewinder rocket to reduce the presumed Chinese "spy balloon" that skyrocketed over the United States today and mesmerized the country's attention. When the balloon was flying above the United States, the event took place.

According to a senior military officer from the United States, a single air-to-air rocket (an A9X rocket) released from an F22 at 58,000 feet took down a China security balloon. When the shot was fired, the balloon was in between 60 and 65,000 feet in the air."

Since the rocket appears to have actually scored a direct hit on the bottom part of the balloon, which consisted of all of the electronic devices, we will never ever understand if it was simply a weather condition balloon as China declared or the highest-tech espionage balloon in history of the world.

Now that the balloon has actually effectively left our airspace, the residents of the United States might lastly unwind, understanding that they are no longer in risk. It's real that China has satellites in orbit that might potentially see cents on the ground in American cities (and the United States has the very same eavesdropping on China), this balloon was not like those satellites or those satellites at all.

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