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Disabled People

The Fully jabbed, According to Dowd, the number of disabled people living in the United States has increased by 25 percent compared to the general population.

Recently, Dowd was a guest on "Ask Dr. Drew," where he presented the argument that the completely "vaccinated" working group is now suffering from more health issues than the general population.

According to Dowd, the percentage of disabled persons who are employed in the U. S. is around 25 percent greater than it is in the entire population of the nation. There are approximately 100 million people who are employed in the United States.

Dowd noted that "something else is going on with the American workforce," while bemoaning the fact that the mainstream media is dominated by corporations is refusing to discuss what he refers to as a "major issue."

In the state of Florida, covid injections may no longer be required as a prerequisite for obtaining employment or higher education. In November 2021, DeSantis signed legislation that prohibited such regulations, despite the fact that a large number of other states continued to implement them.

DeSantis is quoted as having remarked, "We wouldn't allow them to mandate on you in Florida."

"And after that, what? They are not permitted to sue or pursue any other kind of action, despite the fact that this was something that they want to do. Consequently, we are going to take the initiative in Florida over this matter. We have always been one step ahead of these situations, and that is something that will not change moving forward.

DeSantis has said that his administration would be making public announcements on the measures against Pfizer & Moderna within the next several weeks. On AmGreatness.com, you'll find a video of him giving the speech, which you may view.

One commentator said that "they must be held responsible for their actions." If they're not, then it is likely that it will happen again.

When another person answered, "The immunity from prosecution for the 'vaccine' makers is null and invalid when fraud is clear", "The legal immunity for such 'vaccine' producers is null and void." They intended to keep the research records out of the public realm for seventy-five years because there is a lot of proof of fraud involved, which is the reason they wanted to do it.

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