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Did Biden Really Hide the Truth About COVID-19 Vaccines? Uncovering the Controversy

Well, folks, we've dived deep into the rabbit hole of vaccine controversies, military investigations, and unsealed documents. Who knew the world of vaccines could be this thrilling? But before you go chasing more conspiracies, remember, that sometimes the truth is just a tad less dramatic than the headlines suggest. More on this below, keep reading.

In recent times, there has been a surge of information circulating regarding the alleged cover-up of significant findings related to COVID-19 vaccines by President Biden's administration. This article aims to delve into the matter, analyzing the uncovered military investigation that purportedly demonstrates an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 after receiving mRNA vaccines. We will explore the documents unsealed by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), shedding light on the accusations and evaluating their implications.

Unveiling the Investigation

The military investigation, which dates back to January 2021, has raised concerns about the efficiency and safety of mRNA vaccines, specifically regarding their impact on COVID-19 cases. The documents indicate that military scientists observed a spike in COVID-19 cases among individuals who had been fully vaccinated with mRNA shots. However, instead of initiating a thorough investigation, President Biden allegedly ordered an immediate cover-up of these findings.

FOIA Unleashes the Truth

The recent unsealing of documents by ICAN through the FOIA has brought this matter to the forefront. According to these documents, both the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were made aware of the military investigation's results but chose to take no action. Instead, they continued to promote the vaccines to the public.

The Investigation's Disturbing Findings

The military's investigation yielded alarming results. It revealed a notable increase in COVID-19 cases among individuals classified as "fully vaccinated." The investigation also pointed to "increased infection rates" among these vaccinated individuals. The findings, presented in a September 2021 report to FDA and NIH higher-ups, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, Peter Marks, and Janet Woodcock, demonstrated concerning levels of waning immunity and breakthrough infections among the vaccinated, dating as early as July 2021.

Humetrix Cloud Services' Crucial Role

To gain deeper insights into the effectiveness and distribution of vaccines, the U.S. military awarded a contract to Humetrix Cloud Services, renowned for its expertise in healthcare technology solutions. Their analysis of vaccine data unveiled a troubling trend: a significant proportion of COVID-19 cases were among individuals classified as "fully vaccinated." This trend dates back to January 2021, as indicated by the newly unsealed documents.

Fauci's Role in the Narrative

The documents also suggest that top White House officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, were aware of these findings but continued to promote the narrative that mRNA vaccines would gain "control of the virus." Despite having access to this data, public health officials persisted in advocating the benefits of vaccination even as evidence mounted against it.

CDC's Ongoing Messaging

The CDC, in particular, maintained its message that the vaccines offered substantial protection against COVID-19, including severe illness, even as data indicated otherwise. This discrepancy between the available data and public messaging raises concerns about transparency and accountability.

The Ongoing Debate

As of late, the CDC and FDA have not disclosed essential data while considering the authorization and endorsement of mRNA "booster" shots. This has sparked further debate about the vaccines' effectiveness and safety.


The controversy surrounding COVID-19 vaccines continues to raise questions about transparency, accountability, and the handling of critical information. The military investigation and the subsequent unsealing of documents by ICAN have shed light on concerns regarding the efficacy and safety of mRNA vaccines. The debate rages on, as citizens and health authorities grapple with the evolving landscape of COVID-19 and vaccination policies.

In the pursuit of understanding, it is essential to rely on credible sources, robust data analysis, and open discourse to make informed decisions regarding our health and well-being.

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