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DHS Whistleblower: Mayorkas’ Vendetta Against Trump Supporters Fuels False Flag Hate Crime Narrative

The criminal Biden regime's Department of Homeland Security says supporters of Donald J. Trump are 90% more likely than the "average person" to commit hate crimes against Jews, according to a DHS regional supervisor who spoke to Real Raw News on condition of anonymity for fear of Department retaliation.

The source, whose credentials RRN vetted, said that DHS Secretary Alexandro Mayorkas distributed an inter-agency letter on Tuesday that recommended that Homeland investigators amplify screening social media profiles of Trump adherents who "either have or do not have" a history of anti-Semitic comments that disparage Jews or Israel. Additionally, Mayorkas instructed subordinates to "flag" accounts praising Hamas and Hezbollah for later scrutiny.

Mayorkas uses imaginary evidence to draw anecdotal conclusions. He claims without evidence that both X (formerly Twitter) and Truth Social have seen a surge in anti-Jewish propaganda among Trump fanatics since last Saturday's blistering rocket attack on southern Israel. He wrote that DHS' threat-assessment team analyzed 5,000 Truth Social accounts that have followed President Trump since the social media site's start in February 2022, and of the 5,000, 4,500 said "the Jews had it coming," "the attack is exaggerated," "Jews are guilty of apartheid," or "the attack never happened. It was a false flag staged by Zionist pigs to drum up sympathy for Jews." HE noted that similar anti-Semitic comments appeared on X accounts tied to Trump, with some calling for Trump to "Bomb Israel off the map."

The memo from Mayorkas lacks any visual evidence or direct access to the accounts in question, relying solely on his description of the threat assessment's reported observations.

That didn't stop him from labeling Trump supporters as "enemies of Israel who support a failed president who did more damage to United States-Israeli relations than any other president in the history of the United States."-- revisionist history to be sure.

He wrote that "Trump's people," based on a threat-assessment evaluation, were fostering 95% of Jew-hatred online and just as likely to commit hate crimes against Jews or encourage "others of their ilk" to do their bidding.

Mayorkas is Jewish and passionately hates President Trump.

Our source said Mayorkas harbors deep animosity toward President Trump and has a vendetta agains him.

"I can say that Secretary Mayorkas' beleif is that Donald TRump and people supporting him are enemies of the state. Before he split town, I heard him say those very words. He's said quite openly anyone praising Trump should go to jail," he said.

He mentioned that he hasn't observed any proof of Trump followers prepared to engage in violence against Jewish people in support of Hamas.

"I've seen no such posts; if they exist, they're done by DHS bots. I'll say that DHS has around 10,000 bot accounts on Truth and over a million on X. We made the ones on Truth right after it went live, and it's not like Trump personally polices the site for fake accounts. I believe they're laying the groundwork for a domestic false flag they can blame Donald Trump and his supporters for. They're desperate for him to be gone, for good," he said.

In closing, we asked how Mayorkas is calling the shots if, as claimed, he's laying low in Eastern Europe.

"He's been coasting. I haven't laid eyes on him since 2021. He's been absent frome the workplace for an extended period," he remarked.

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