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Canadian Catholic High School Student Suspended and Arrested for Defending Belief in Two Genders

Josh Alexander, a student in a Canadian Catholic high school, found himself at the center of controversy when he spoke out for his religious convictions that God created just two genders. Alexander believes that God created males and females from the beginning of time. After receiving complaints from female students that male students were accessing the restrooms designated for females, he drew support for his position in the discussion by using passages from the Bible.

Sadly, the position that Alexander took was not well received by the management of the institution. After that, he was expelled from school, and when he tried to go back in, the police took him into custody. On an appearance on "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Alexander vented his fury with what he referred to as Canada's "police state" and how his suspension and arrest violated his rights as a religious practitioner. Alexander said that his rights had been infringed in both instances.

Let's take a more in-depth look at what took place, what Alexander feels, and the reasons why his predicament has people in Canada scratching their heads.

The Incident, as well as the Banishment

As was said before, the commotion started when several female students complained to Alexander about male students accessing their restrooms. Alexander, a devoted follower of Christianity, contended that men have no business using restrooms designated for women and used the Bible to support his position.

Alexander was finally expelled from school as a direct result of the intense argument that ensued as a result of the conversation. He made an effort to go to school but was quickly taken into custody for doing so.

The Response and the Consequences

Alexander and his attorney, James S.M. Kitchen, maintained that Alexander's suspension and incarceration were a kind of religious discrimination because of Alexander's religious views. Alexander "cannot, due to his true religious views, intentionally express a deception, such as admitting the fiction that humans may shift from male to female (or vice versa)," Kitchen said in an email to the principal of the school.

The Liberty Coalition Canada, a Christian conservative organization affiliated with Kitchen, has also voiced their support for Alexander, stating that he not only has the right to express his views, but he also has the right to not be discriminated against for his beliefs. This support for Alexander comes after Kitchen's statement that he has the right to express his views.

On the other hand, authorities at the school stated that the "physical and emotional well-being" of transgender pupils would be negatively impacted by Alexander's presence at the school. They were adamant that he should be suspended despite their refusal to listen to his side of the argument.

The Repercussions

Although the Canadian constitution safeguards the right to free expression, it is not nearly as robust as the one that governs the United States. Concerns have been expressed in Canada over the country's religious freedom and freedom of expression as a result of the Alexander case. A great number of people have questioned whether or not his suspension and subsequent detention were appropriate, or whether or not they violated his rights in any way.

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