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Biden’s DOJ Targets Independent Journalist Steve Baker for Exposing Truth About J6

In a recent development, Biden's Department of Justice (DOJ) has made headlines by announcing its intention to arrest and prosecute independent journalist Steve Baker. This move stems from Baker's unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth behind the events of January 6.

Uncovering the Truth: Steve Baker's Pursuit of Justice

Steve Baker, a prominent figure in Independent Media, has dedicated himself to shedding light on the events surrounding January 6. His fearless reporting has brought attention to the protests and subsequent cover-up efforts. However, instead of being hailed for his journalistic integrity, Baker now finds himself in the crosshairs of the Biden administration.

The DOJ's Targeted Prosecution: A Troubling Trend

The DOJ's decision to pursue misdemeanor charges against Steve Baker raises serious concerns about the state of press freedom in the United States. By targeting an independent journalist for simply doing his job, the Biden regime sets a dangerous precedent that threatens the very essence of a free press.

Standing Firm: Steve Baker's Response

Despite facing legal threats from the DOJ, Steve Baker remains resolute. In response to the impending charges, Baker defiantly declares, "Game on." His unwavering commitment to truth and justice serves as an inspiration to fellow journalists and advocates for press freedom.

JOining the Media Revolution: Upholding Alternative Media

In the face of censorship and suppression, it's more important than ever to support alternative media outlets like Steve Baker's. By claiming our stake in the media revolution, we can ensure that voices like his continue to be heard, unfiltered and uncensored.

Conclusion: Defending PRess Freedom

The targeting of Steve Baker by the Biden administration is not just an attack on one individual-- it's an assault on the principles of a free press. As supporters of truth and justice, we must stand in solidarity with independent journalists like Baker and defend the fundamental right to press freedom. Together, we can ensure that the truth prevails and that journalists are free to pursue it without fear of reprisal.

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