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US Congresswoman Claims Evidence of Biden Family’s Involvement in Human Trafficking with Russian Prostitutes

US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has recently claimed that there is evidence linking several members of the Biden family to human trafficking involving prostitutes from Russia, Ukraine, and the US. The House Oversight Committee is currently investigating the Biden family's potential involvement in business dealings that may have compromised US national security.

In a statement on Twitter, Rep Taylor Greene revealed that the Committee has reviewed over 2000 pages of financial records that contain jaw-dropping information. She further stated that not only were multiple family members involved in a complete conglomerate of lies, but there were also other individuals involved as well. These shell companies facilitated the transfer of money from foreign countries like China and Ukraine, among others.

Rep Taylor Greene stressed that the American people deserve to know the extent of the Biden family's crimes, which she claims goes beyond Hunter Biden and his immediate family. She emphasized that this investigation is much bigger than previously anticipated and could potentially uncover a web of corruption.

Furthermore, Rep Taylor Greene stated that the evidence reviewed by the Committee suggests that there was human trafficking involving prostitutes from both the US and foreign countries such as Russia and Ukraine. She found it unbelievable that a President and former Vice President could be involved in such heinous crimes.

The Congresswoman promised that the Oversight Committee would investigate and expose this corruption to the American people. She urged everyone to await further developments in the investigation.

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