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Biden approached Putin for a meeting between their respectiv…

According to Moscow, Biden apparently asked Vladimir Putin for a current conference of the leading representatives from both Russia and the United States. When the conference took location, late in the previous year was.

Midway through the month of November, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), William Burns, and the Director of the Russian Intelligence Agency (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin, fulfilled on Turkish land. According to him, the United States federal government has actually not yet provided a "major recommendation" about how to deal with the existing crisis.

Lavrov showed that there were "no disclosures" throughout the discussions that happened in between Burns and Naryshkin. "In basic, throughout uncommon conferences with Russia on various levels, the West points out absolutely nothing that extends outside its public position," he stated. "In other words, the West is not stating anything that would oppose its main position."

The most senior Russian ambassador had actually previously revealed remorse over the truth that information about the conference of the 2 heads of intelligence had actually been shown the general public.

Last month, he made this declaration to the media: "The Americans themselves informed us 10 times that this technique of interaction was completely personal and must not be divulged ... so that it would not be sullied by some propagandistic spin," he stated. "The Americans informed us numerous times that this interaction channel was definitely private and should not be revealed."

"It was settled. As quickly as they got here in Ankara, the story started to spread out rapidly around the city. I have no concept where it originated from; I do not understand whether it was the State Department or the White House," he stated.

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